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Tank mates

What fish are good for a 94l tank?? Could i put a group of corys a gourami some platys and guppys or is this a fatal mix??

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i am sure there will be others that will have more knowledge then I do about species mixing but I can tell you that I have a Gourami and Platy's together they do fine. I was told they would be fine with Cory's as well. My concern however, would be adding Guppies as the Platys can be a bit nippy and sassy. My Gourmi is pretty big and dominant so she is holding her own and then some. Also, I learned the hard way but 1 Gourami per tank. In a smaller tank, I would keep it to a dwarf Gourami.

I have a Blue Gourami and she is already almost 5 inches and growing. They need some swimming room so... maybe a dwarf would be best. I believe their are species that stay in the 2-3 inch size which would be nice. Check out the Dwarf Flame Gourami. Gorgeous!

Also, you can check out the fish profiles in the blue bar at the top. Click on Tropical Fish profiles then you can see many options, what their requirements are and whether or not they will get along and what they need for set up.
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Thnk you i think ik maybe have some corys, a few platys abd a sky blue dwarf gourami or the flame red dwarf gourami, or a honey gourami??
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i like the sound of your stock list
i don't think there is much difference in the care requirements of the gouramis you mentioned, just pick the one you like best :)
what kind of corys are you going to get? :D (i'm a bit of a cory fanatic...)
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Well i like the corydoras julli (leopard cory), or the corydoras leucomulus,??
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Also which are the smallest out of honey gourami or the dewarf??
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The Honey Gouramis will be smaller than the Dwarfs.

30g SE Asian Tank
15 Lambchop Rasbora
2 Gold White Cloud Minnows
3 Dwarf Chain Loaches
2 Powder Blue Dwarf Gourami

55g Amazon Tank
2 Wild Type Angels
1 Marble Angel
1 Black Angel
1 Koi Angel
2 Bolivian Rams
14 Pristella Tetra
10 Dwarf Pencilfish
2-3 Twig Catfish (to come)
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Would a dwarf gourami be happy in a 94l tsnk with the other fish mentioned???
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i'm not sure, i think they're about the same, but the honey gourami is a bit smaller i think.
i wanted a honey gourami at one point, but ended up getting my golden instead and i absolutely adore her
never heard of corydoras leucomelas (i've just found out thats how its spelt) but i googled them and they are very nice looking. i wonder what the availability of those corys are? often corys are wrongly identified in stores because the species all look so similar. you probably need to check what your store stocks...
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oops posts out of sync! :P
the size difference is pretty small according to everything i've ever read. dwarf gouramis can be kept in 18 inch tanks according to one of my reference books, so it should be fine in a 94 liter :)
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