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The ammonia was probably partially caused by that but you're overstocked so it's hard to say. Only the filter pad gets caked so I don't understand what you mean by the outside? Ammonia over 5ppm stalls the cycling process, all the more reason for you to change water when it hits .50ppm.
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yeah the filter pad was caked and not allowing flow into the pad so i was wondering if that was reducing the growth of the BB inside of the filter you know on top of the fact that the ammonia was so high which i have been doing daily water changes to keep down. I have been doing about a 50% water change daily and vacing the gravel in areas that it needs it like under the skull that they love to be in that after a few hours has so poop galore in it every other day. I figure once the tank cycles i will be able to do water changes every like 3 days but only time will tell. I did have one more question. UV lights, are those considered low light? I wanted to get some live plants for the tank and get rid of some of the plastic plants but i wasn't sure about that one and wanted to ask instead of buying them and having them die
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Figured i would do a update on this post. Well there are no fish in the tank anymore i moved them all out and now that i have been able to just cycle the tank and not have to do water changes or anything the ammonia is almost nothing around .25 ppm the Nitrite is now dropping probibly between .50 and 1ppm and Nitrates are now building kinda funny because the nitrites have only been positive for like 3 days and they are already falling fast they did get over 2 ppm probibly like 3 close to 4 by earlyer today but i just did a test to see and they are now at about the .50ppm to 1ppm which is good. I did put one of the parts of my filter in the other tank for a few days and the ornament in the tank is pretty big and was in my 20 gallon cycled tank for over a month so maybe thats why this part is going so quick. But yeah things are going nicely now that i don't have to do water changes and the levels can get as toxic as they want now that there are no fish in there.
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WOW just looked at the results and parts of the Nitrate test liquid near the top are actually red which means its already almost 40ppm of Nitrate LOL
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