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tank crisis---late nighters help!

This is a discussion on tank crisis---late nighters help! within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by stephanieleah It wasn't the panty hose that caused the problem, don't worry. It was the fact that when i put the ...

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tank crisis---late nighters help!
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Originally Posted by stephanieleah View Post
It wasn't the panty hose that caused the problem, don't worry. It was the fact that when i put the pantyhose over the uptake, i had turned down the flow rate so i could remove the end of the hose without sucking up all my live stock. Then I forgot to turn it up. However, when I pinched out the pantyhose a little, it was really sucked up in there and so i removed a corner and as soon as i did that, water really started flowing faster.

What I've ended up doing is 1. just wait and see if I get a nice little shrimp colony in my filter, 2. lowered the water level in the tank (even today with some surface disturbance I still observed gasping loaches) so there is a nice bubbling sound as the water runs over the surface, and 3. I'm going to try to maybe increase my lighting a little so my plants work more to create O2 during the day!!!

I just couldn't believe ALL of my shrimp were at the top of the floating plants, with the exception of a few baby cherry shrimp...I didn't even realize I had so many shrimp in the tank! There were probably 2-3 dozen! Time for me to start giving away cherry shrimp
Glad you were there to catch it.
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Hi' in the day time when the light is on i only use 1 powerhead.But at night i put the other powerhead on has well on the other side of the tank because the plants take in O2.I have lost fish in the past by not having water move ment in the tank at night time Good Luck.Mark
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yes, good point welshboy!

i actually came across some info by another forum that many times clothing is treated with formaldahide and that this molecule binds with O2, causing oxygen loss as well as the killing off of bb. i wonder if the pantyhose (didn't wash, just gave a light rinse) leeched formaldahyde into the water! anyway, the water changes should have helped that problem clear up by now.
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