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you could do JUST the crayfish in the bowl...if you had your heart set on it that is. :)

"everything happens for a reason...the hard part is figuring out what that reason is."
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Originally Posted by -zach-
I was asking if it was a really bad thing...
Yes. It is a really bad thing to do. More specifically, it's cruel.

The description of the crayfish clearly states (twice!) that it needs a minimum of 20 gallons. That fish bowl is only 8 gallons.

That crayfish is growing to grow way too big to even comfortably move around in that tank.

As far as your buddies tank, I'll bet those little bala sharks look great in a ten gallon for now. What about when they are a foot long?

Fish are real live animals and they should be treated the same way a dog or cat would be treated. Puppies look cute in a shoe box at Christmas but we all know they are going to grow and need a lot more room. Same thing with that cray fish and the bala sharks.

Save a few more bucks and get a bigger tank and then you can keep cool fish.
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Originally Posted by RubberFrog
Save a few more bucks and get a bigger tank and then you can keep cool fish.
The good news is the $180 charged for that cool looking <10 gallon tank can actually buy a pretty nice 55-75 tank with stand if you shop carefully. You probably don't want to devote that much space to the fish if you were looking at a smaller tank like that, but that still leaves a lot of tank options that would be available to you! :)
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I can also give you some other advice, sorry it took so long for me to get here. I'm having pc issues
That tank you chose... I will advise finding a different tank! Those tanks are nasty to clean and take care of. I know first hand... we kept one set up as a display tank in the store for about a year before we finally took it down because it was too much work. If you want that tank, some things to consider:
Cold water or tropical fish? There is no way to "hide" a heater in a tank that size and shape, and scraping glass around a heater can be a challenge. Without a heater, the fish that can stay in a tank that size & shape are limited to white clouds and danios. The filtration unit in those tanks is also not very good, it doesn't work well and we had a lot of problems with "breakage" issues. Replacement parts are near impossible to get, and the company isn't very good with "customer service".
At the trade shows for manufacturers/dealers/retailers, I have talked to the guys who make those tanks, and they're not very good business men. They were rude and very difficult to talk to, with "flip" answers to questions I asked.
Round "bowl" types of tanks are cool to look at, but keep in mind you will run into the same problems with care and maintenance in any of them. Because of the shape, it's very difficult to keep them clean and even harder to find fish that can stay in them long term.

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