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Tank companions for a Dempsey

I have a 6-inch Texas/Jack Dempsey cross that I just moved to a 30-gallon tank from a 20-gallon. He's a really beautiful fish, so I call him Big Ugly. :>) In with him is an 8-10 inch plecostomus and a school of 6 giant Danios. The plecostomus and Big Ugly compete for the shelter in the tank (the Ugly is happiest if he has a place to hide) and although the Pleco's fins are rather tattered, he is surviving his grumpy neighbor fairly well. The Danios are fast enough that the Dempsey can't hurt them so they are fine, too. I would like to add some more color to the tank -- can anyone suggest another fish that is fast like the Danios and might have a chance at surviving Big Ugly's aggressiveness?
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First off, a 30 gallon is way too small. Your JD/Texas will eventually kill the pleco as he gets older especially if you don't get a bigger tank. Same with the danios. I would upgrade to at least a 55 gallon but if you want to add even more fish, 75 gallons or more. Since this tank is established, the best time to add fish would be when you upgrade tank size. (which you must if you want your fish to live a happy, healthy life). Fish you could add when you upgrade could be most Central/ South American cichlids. Salvini Cichlids, Green Terror, Red Devil, Firemouth. But first, you MUST get a bigger tank

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Yea that tank is def too small for those 2 guys. Ive actually got a HUGE (10inch) jack dempsey in my 55 gal and it seems to small for the guy, but I cant afford to get a bigger tank. Only other fish in the tank with him are 5 tiger barbs that are huge aswell and a really old corydora thats probably 6 years old now.
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Hmmm........I guess I had better start looking for a bigger set up. I got a good measure on my JD yesterday and he's around 7.5 inches. I'll try to post some pictures sometime soon. Trouble is that when I moved him from the 20 gallon to the 30 gallon he got mad and his spots went pale. Kind of like those mood rings that were popular when I was younger. They are only just now beginning to get their pretty blue color back. He also has a very thin orange line along the top edge of his dorsal fin -- very attractive.
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