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Tank change over.

Ok, i just bought a new 12x8x8" (3g) tank to replace my 10x8x82 (2.5g) as the old one looked a little scruffy and i was getting a new light for it anyway and the new tank was only a fiver...

It's gonna be a straight changeover, filter, heater, plants and Midge the dwarf Puffer.

So, my plan was to simply put Midge and his water and plants in a bucket for the time it takes me to move the gravel and the other bits and bobs over to the new tank, then put the water back in the new tank, and top it up a bit and put Midge back in his new (slightly) more spacious home and top up the water as if doing a water change.

Will this work, or am i risking a minicycle? Should i set up the new tank and let it cycle as if it were a new tank being set up for the first time, or will the bacteria that is on the gravel, rocks and in the filter survive the 5-10 mins that it'll take to move it all to the new tank, given i'll make sure none of it dries out?

I can let the filter run in the bucket until it's ready to go in the new tank if that's a better plan?

Any help appreciated! Thanks in anticipation!
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I can let the filter run in the bucket until it's ready to go in the new tank if that's a better plan?
Thats what I would do...so you can take your time and wash down the gravel and other parts while allowing your fish to get aerated water.
I doubt you'd see any cycle since your using all the old water and the same filter media.

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Sounds like a good plan to me.

Gw's idea about aeration is also good.
I am not familiar with puffers but if they are "anything like" Queen plecos he will last only about 5 minutes until he starts surfacing in order to gasp for air.

If the gravel has not become aesthetically unpleasing, IMHO, i would not wash it. I anticipate that this gravel is a portion of your biological filtration process.

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I'm not sure on this one. What I would say though is don;t let any of the equipment dry as this will kill off the bacteria. If possible keepeverything wet throughout. How you'll do this though I'm not sure.
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As per Jules, just keep a constant flow going thru the media.
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I basically set up the tank in a bucket with the filter running and heater on, then removed and cleaned the algea off each item one by one, putting it back in the tank/bucket after.

I left about an inch of water and the gravel in the old tank, used this to clean the gravel and rocks.

I then moved the gravel across to the new tank. I then half filled the new tank with the old water and transfered the rocks and plants back, then the filter and heater (submersed but off.)

Then tranferred Midge into the half full tank, topped it up with the rest of the old water (seived through a fine net to avoid dirty bits going in.) Added a little water as if doing a water change (dechlor and temp matching)

Turned everything back on!

The tank is looking very nice, very clean water and no more algae (and i've installed a timer to the light to ensure that none builds up again!)

Midge is happy(ish, he's hiding a bit cos he's a little scared i think)

So i'm pretty chuffed, thanks for your inputs all, i'll let you know in a few days if there's been a cycle or not!
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Any photos of midge? I wanna see him!
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I have no camrea at the moment Julie... but, i am recieving a brand new, underwater 7MP digital camera either tomorrow or the next day. Playtime!! Expect a post in FW photos in the next few days!
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Oooooo! I am excited! :D
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Me too! Far too excited! It's just a camera. It's just a camera.
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