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The only shrimp I'd suggest are Amano shrimp, as they are pretty large compared to most other dwarf aquarium shrimp and can hold their own with most fish. Just make sure you tank is well covered because they tend to crawl out of their tank after being newly introduced. If you do get them, I suggest lowering the water level for a few days afterwards.

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Thank You everyone for you input and suggestions! First off I forgot to tell you i have soft water. we have a water softener and when i tested the tank water the other day it read 0. I apologize for not saying that in my original post. I still have not herd anybody say which fish and how many to start with.
Thank you Chesherca for all your advise. It seems I misread my little memo i kept for which fish would work with which setup and I added fish that wont work. I also LOVE the look of the Bolivian Ram.
any other suggestions with numbers of fish would be appreciated

thank you.
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Nobody is comfortable to really advise you without knowing your water parameters first! Now that we know you have (very) soft water, I'm sure you'll be getting a lot more information :)

But also. . .more questions!

You say that you have a water softener - do you know what type of softener you have? There are various ways that water softeners (to your home) work, and some of these leave the water entirely unsuitable to your fish - so this is something that you're going to want to do a bit more investigation into before bringing any fishies home!

Another question. . . HOW are you doing your fishless cycle? Are you adding pure ammonia to your tank, or are you using some other method? How long has the process been underway, and have you seen your ammonia, nitrite, and finally nitrates spike yet? Depending on how you're doing your cycle can have a dramatic impact on how many fish you can add to the tank when the ammonia falls back down to zero - are you able to provide test results for anything aside from the ammonia, or give a few more details on how you're doing things?

Finally. . . What is your experience level with fish-keeping? Are you a beginner with your first tank, or have you been at it a while? Do you have a proper QT/Hospital tank set up in case anything goes awry?

I know it may like a roundabout way of doing things when all you want to know is how many fish to put in your tank. . . but when you ask for advice on a forum like this, many of us tend to be very shy about wanting to know that everything is in place before giving recommendations! We all know first-hand how heartbreaking it can be when things go wrong, and are trying to keep you from a broken heart and much frustration! Bad advice can be found everywhere, and there are so many ways for things to go wrong - we all would love to see you well on your way to a healthy and thriving tank right from the start!

Soooooo. . . based on the water that you have, and assuming it is of the proper quality for the fish. . .lets look again at your initial list! You have many of my favorite creatures on that list, my 29 gallon is currently stocked with JellyBean Tetra, Kuhli Loaches, and Bolivian rams :)

Let's look again at the Kuhli - they're wonderful little guys that will thrive in a well-planted environment, but they need to be over a sandy substrate. If you have sand, I'd say that 6 would be a good number to start with. They *can* do well in groups of 3, but will feel much more comfortable in a larger grouping. They are also fussy about water parameters, and like their nitrates to be on the low end of the scale.

If you're set on the neons, I'd say that a bigger shoal of 12-18 will be happier and add a lot of beauty to a tank this size. You can go with the same number of Rasabora if you choose to go that route. The Rasa *may* be a better option for you, as they tend to be a bit more tolerant than the neons do, and are a very beautiful fish in their own right. . . these fish will do much better in a tank with a lot of plants, and floating plants to provide them with shade.

Bolivian Rams. . . ahhhhh, this one is so tricky! Unless you are fairly experienced in fish-keeping, and have backup tanks available should any trouble arise, I have to say that you'd be best to stick with only one of these beauties in your tank. Rams are funny little creatures, and not so easy to deal with sometimes. . . They need to choose their own mates, meaning that you can't just plop a male and a female in a tank and expect them to be okay with each-other. The same trouble can arise if you have two of the same gender in a tank. There are many that prefer to keep them in groups of 6+ and wait for a natural pair to form before re-homing the rest, but this also comes with risks - and a 30 gallon tank is probably not big enough for you to go this route. So. . . one.

However. . . if you'd prefer to go with one of the larger, tougher gourami . . . that would make things a little bit different. . . I really think that you need to reconsider that list of yours and come up with two or three species that you'd really like to keep above all else. I find that a tank with less looks so much better! Even if you went with ONLY tetra. . . what a gorgeous tank that would be!

You shouldn't add fish more than a few at a time, and over the course of several weeks. It's BEST to have a QT tank set up after the first batch of fish goes into the main tank so that you can be sure you aren't bringing any illness into the tank with the new arrivals. If you ARE new to fish-keeping, you'll want to keep your numbers on the low side for a while until you have a better understanding of how the aquarium ecosystem works, and have had some practice in keeping the water parameters pristine. All of these fish really do require fairly established tanks with very well-maintained water quality, so . . . it might be best to start off with some of the tougher fish out there - like the gourami - and work your way up to these more finicky fishies! :)

I'm sure the others will have more to add to this, but I hope this helps somewhat!

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I love that you are considering the bolivian rams instead of GBR's!!!! i love bolvian rams!!!! I have 1 bolivian which i will post a pic of at some point. anyways i think you should definetley check your water softener and be sure to only get 1 ram. don't be worried about getting a bunch becuz u might think that most fish need to be in groups, well my ram loves being alone and regularly plays with my bloodfins/flame tetra. Ultimately, it comes down to which fish meets your water perameters and which fish suits you best!!!

EDIT: plz excuse my spelling
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