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Suitable fish to co exist with a Betta Plakat?

This is a discussion on Suitable fish to co exist with a Betta Plakat? within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by Cole mccallister I got that chart from a reliable source via www. were they sell and or give data about ...

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Suitable fish to co exist with a Betta Plakat?
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Originally Posted by Cole mccallister View Post
I got that chart from a reliable source via were they sell and or give data about Fresh/Brackish/ and saltwater aquaria also they are teamed up with DRS. Foster and Smith
And from that chart i was succesful at puting 6 bettas in one tank with 5 zebra danios 5 giant danios 2 red finned sharks 1 common pleco and 6 guppies so what you are saying this is a accident or just pure luck?!!!
1077 has picked up on some of this, but I feel obligated to mention a couple things. I frankly have no desire to argue with anyone whose mind is made up, but I am concerned that less experienced aquarists who may read these threads will come to the wrong conclusions and head down the road to failure. So I must clear things up, bear with me.

First, F&S is a business, they exist to ake money. This does not mean that any advice on the site is always wrong, but one has to consider the source. Is the person who wrote this or that named? Anyone these days can write "data" and set up web sites as an expert but unless it is possible for critical assessment by properly-qualified individuals one has to go wary. The amount of conflicting information on all aspects of this hobby proves my point.

To your situation, which you say was successful. Unless you are a fish, knowing how the fish are doing is not always easy to assess. If a sick person walks into a doctor, in most cases the doctor is not going to be able to diagnose the sickness without examination with questions or tests. As I have repeatedly written on this forum, fish can appear "fine" until they die. And if they die earlier than the normal lifespan, something was likely wrong. Without dissection this may be impossible to confirm, and even then, all the ramifications of stress will not be visible.

Members sometimes ask how it is that so many fish are in a store tank, when they read of smaller numbers. This is a prime case of fish not behaving "normally" due to inappropriate conditions. Fish are "hard-wired" with many requirements and behaviours. And no sensible person is going to think for a moment that we are going to change what has taken thousands if not millions of years of evolution to develop. At least not overnight, or in the span of a generation. But when fish are forced into adverses conditions they have no means of escaping when it is within the confines of an aquarium. They must react, and this can be through increased aggression, or the opposite, passiveness. In either case, it is not healthy and it is not normal.

This hobby, unlike any other I can think of, deals with living creatures that have very specific needs and they are in a very confined space where impacts are frequently magnified because of the space limitations. We as aquarists must respect the fish's needs and provide them. We should not attempt to change them. This does not work, long-term.

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