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Suggestions for snail eaters please

I have a 40g tank that I have recently set up, I have transferred the fish and some of the plants from a 15g tank that I started out with (didn't take long before I wanted a bigger tank!) Current fish are 8 neon tetras and 2 Bristlenose catfish, in the 15g I had a bit of a problem with small snails taking over if i didn't constantly get in there and crush them to keep the population under control. I want to get 2 or 3 more fish of a different species to complete the tank stocking, and something that controls the snail population would be good. I like clown loaches but I hear they do better in groups of 5 or 6 and also grow large so I dont think my tank is big enough to keep them. What are my other options for snail eating fish?

Also an example of what you would consider maximum stocking capacity for a 40g planted tank, I want to try and keep it slightly under stocked if anything...
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Those snails won't be too big of an issue unless you're overfeeding. You could do some kuhli loaches if you wanted. They need schools of 6+ like the clown loaches but don't get anywhere near as large. I would rather you blanch some zuchinni and place it in the tank then remove it with all the snails on it a few time rather than get fish to solve the issue.

Here is what I would do -
25 neon tetras
25 rummynose tetras
1 blue/gold, snakeskin or opaline gourami
2 bristlenose
8 kuhli loaches OR 10 corydoras (of your choice)
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Thanks for the reply, that gives me something to think about.
They are not a big problem and easy enough to keep under control but I just don't like the look of them on my plants and glass... If they are living and breeding in there I don't see why it wouldn't be a good idea to get a fish that eats them... it would make it a more natural habitat for the fish too I would think.

Also that seems like a lot of fish to stock a tank with, you listed over 60 fish or have I not understood your post properly...?
I would of thought 3 or 4 more fish with my existing 8 neon's and 2 BN would be plenty for a 40g tank.
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Well I hear mixed info on Kuhli controlling pest snails.. 4 yo-yo loaches are a better fish bet.. but there also are assassin snails that'll handle the snails.

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I agree, assisin snails are a much better choice! Tank stocking has more to do with bioload than how many fish.
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