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One of my tanks is a 3 gallon eclipse. We started it with 2 zebra danios and 2 golden white clouds. The danios did fine in the 3 gallon, these are the "standard" danio not the giant variety.

If you want to see schooling behavior, I would get 6 golden white clouds. If not, I would 3 each, zebra danios and golden white clouds.

I think tetras would be ok too. a school of neons would look cool.

Stay away from guppies! I was going to do a guppy tank until I read about how many fry I would end up with. Then what to do with the fry?

I had dwarf frogs. 3 of them to be exact and they all died. We have no idea what was wrong. We fed them properly, housed them properly and the fish are still alive and well in the tank we had them in. So I personally can't suggest them.

A dark colored betta and some golden white clouds would be offer a nice contrast.

Please cycle the tank first though.


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there hard to source but such a small tank would work for midget livebearers they max out at less than 2 cm

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Hmmm... I love the idea of the white clouds with my betta. That's actually one of the fish I first started looking up, but they just kind of got lost in the mix.

So, one male betta, 2 kuhli loaches (or do I need to get 3?), and 2 white clouds (or 3?)? Would that be overload? (I've changed my mnd about the frog)

Its a five gallon tank bow-front with top mounted filter, and a 3-stage bio-wheel from aqua-tech. (reading the box) And if it matters it will be planted, adding some of the plants now actually. (small grass-like type in two patches for ground cover, a anubis-looking mid-size plant, and a peacock fern for the back----I'll get more in a couple of days)

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The compatability factor looks good. Here is a chart that I reference all the time.

I think it will be a bit overstocked though. If you follow the 1 inch of fish per gallon rule, you will have 15 inches of fish in a 5 gallon (3 inches each loach x 3, 2 inches of betta, 1.5 x3 goldens) which is really overstocked. BUT- I am someone with an overstocked tank, so I don't want to be a hypocrite. It takes research as far as where they will be in the tank (top-middle-bottom). Having a bio-wheel helps with the bio-load, but be prepared for regular water testing and water changes without fail. You really need to make a commitment to stay on top of it and be sure you are prepared to immediately remedy anything that might come up. With a small tank you can't sit on it for a day or two while you figure it out, because it will go downhill fast.

From what I understand loaches are supposed to be in groups of 2 or more, at least if you ever want to see them come out of hiding. I'm also under the impression that loaches need a lot of swimming room and I don't know if 5 gallons will be enough for them, but if you really love loaches I understand the desire for them. Make sure you have plenty of hiding spots (like the plants). Also they are not known to be a hardy fish for cycling, so don't add them until the tank cycles.

I do think the loaches with a dark male betta and the golden white clouds will be a beautiful display! Maybe do 2 loaches and 3 white clouds since they stay small. I would start the cycle with just the white clouds though, they are very hardy and don't seem to mind when others get added to their tank. Once cycled, then add the betta, and lastly after your bioload adjusts to the new fish, add the loaches.

When it's all set up with fish post a photo, it sounds like it's going to look great!


Pardon the pun, but I'm hooked!
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Thank you, I appreciate the advice.

I wasn't sure which to add first the betta or the WC's so that helps a lot. Loaches just look so interesting that I thought they would add variety.

My tank is actually on my desk at work, and I work six days a week so I'll never really get away from it. :) Plus it helps that I would at a company that sells water treatment equipment, so the tank will always be changed out with RO water. (with cycle added to it)
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I would add the white clouds first for a few reasons- they are hardly little fish and can withstand a cycle as long as you change the water. They don't get territorial like a betta can, so I think it's best to add the betta to the established tank.

Loaches are cool. Not my personal favorite because I HATE snakes and eels and they remind me of them too much! I know... such a girl, but I can't help it! But I do get why people like them so much. They stick to the bottom too which is good. I have albino corydoras for my bottom. they are really cool too.

Lucky you with the free RO water!!!

In regard to cycling, I use BioSpira for all my tanks to jump-start the cycle. It has it's lovers and haters though. It literally removed ammonia and nitrites appeared overnight. All of my tanks cycle in 1-2 weeks with it.


Pardon the pun, but I'm hooked!
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