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I'm really sorry if you took that the wrong way drag - I did say that yes but I was saying that only to respond to the suggestion that you don't need a filter made by another member - not as a response to anything you said. It is however only my opinion and anyone is free to take my advice, or not take it as they please, as I, or anyone else is, with any other advice. It is advice after all, not law or a rule
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Originally Posted by drag
I couldn't agree more! I am much more an animal person than a people-person. I have two cats, a boxer puppy, have had a tarantula, a corn snake, and two breaded dragons.

If I ask a lot of stupid questions its because I am in the research phase and want only the best for my animals (more family than pets). I've read everything I could online narrowing down my choices and wanted some 'face-to-face' feedback from people that aren't trying to sell me anything.

trust me I am not one of those people that run out and get a pet 'because its cute' or 'its easter I want a pink chick' or 'well, I just loved Finding Nemo so much I had to have a clown fish.'

I want to do what's right by any pet I have.

No such thing as a stupid question here. You have done good and have been given a lot of different advice. Yes all of it could work and a lot of it might not. The key is you will have to find what works for you. Keep asking questions and we will help the best we can. Keep us up to date on what you decide and post pictures if you can. Some people can make anything work where some of us can't get anything that anyone has tried to work at all. The more information we gather the better chance we have of making it work for us.
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:) No worries, not upset or anything. Just very passionate about animal causes.

I just can't stand people that get animals without first researching them and then end up killing them off, abusing them, or dumping them off at a humane society or worse the side of the road.

I have been guilty of jumping in feet first with the bearded dragons, I thought I had done enough research only for the two of them to continously fight, and for the smaller one to be intimidated enough that it didn't grow (didn't eat enough) only to get depressed when I found a new home for the other one. *sigh* But they both went to good homes individually -- the smaller one was donated to a local high school class taught by my brother-in-law. :)

I still feel guilty about that. And don't ever want a similar experience.
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I just can't stand people that get animals without first researching them and then end up killing them off, abusing them, or dumping them off at a humane society or worse the side of the road.
AMEN! :)
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Thank you so much for all of the advice. I'll update you all on what happens.

Since I'm at work, I should go now and actually get some work done. Me in 3 hours

Thanks again everyone.
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i just suggested that u would not need to buy a filter if u didnt want to with the batta and the frog. with the loaches i definately would

just because the guy with 4000 post ses its so... doesnt mean it is
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My suggestoin could be some tetras i think and maybe a few Tiger barbs.

With vengence you can have the choice to go out and take vengence or you dont and live your life so you choose but the most important part is to let your heart have a say in what you choose to do.
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Originally Posted by mr.bojangles
and finally id put in a pair of threadfin rainbows ... stay smallish (2") and dont move to much
I disagree with this suggestion and information. Threadfins enjoy their company more than being kept in less than five. I wouldn't recommend a 5 gallons to place the threadfins with. They will need a lot of swimming space to roam and display around with some planted areas to hide. I have not seen my threadfins slack off in one area or they would have shown signs of stress and diseases.

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Thank you for all the suggestions.

I'm going to go with the betta, and either 2 kulhi loaches and an african dwarf frog, or three kuhli loaches. I think I'll get two loaches in a couple of weeks and see what I think after I have them for a week or two.

I did get my betta last night, he's set up in a quarantine tank next to me now. he's a crown-tail - rust body with an almost checkered pattern of iridescent blue scales, a stripe of blue on his dorsal fin, and the rest of his fins and tail are a more vibrant red with a strange black outline at the edges (almost like eyeliner). And get this: he has blue dots at the very bottom of his eyes, makes him look like he's got sparklig blue eyes! Beautiful!

Heh, heh. I named him Alani (stands for the hounds of hell). My last one was Lilly, short for Lillith the queen of demons. Nah, my babies don't have a lot to live up to! :)
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Your betta sounds lovely! :)
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