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Originally Posted by iamntbatman View Post
I really don't think the gobies would work with goldfish. They need higher temperatures, brackish water and can be picky eaters, sometimes only eating live or frozen foods. Goldfish, as you probably know by now, are little pigs which would make it very difficult to get any food to the gobies.

As for frogs, the clawed frogs will eat other fish but they only get about as big around as a baseball or so so they wouldn't be able to eat large goldfish. I think they'd probably be generally safe with goldfish once your fish are big enough. The dwarf frogs stay awfully tiny and are also pokey eaters, plus they're so small that adult goldfish might eat them. My aunt actually has some ~6" common goldfish living with clawed frogs and they seem to get along fine.

I'll have to let other people suggest other species that would do well with large goldies at lower temperatures (I assume the tank will be upper sixties to low seventies?).
I guess I spent more time looking into the freshwater issues and missed the gobies preferring 75 up, oh well, guess I'm back to weather loaches for my eel-like tankmates.

The temps will be in the high 60s to low 70s, the basement where it will be does get quite cold, so I'm going to be keeping close watch on it while it's cycling to figure out if I'll need a heater, but I'm hoping it should stay in the range I'm looking for without any.

Guess I'll probably try the dwarf frogs while the goldfish are still on the small side, and if they get outcompeted for food, I'll either be putting them in the ten gallon or bringing them back to the lfs.

I'll see about the clawed when my goldies are a bit bigger, but by then hopefully my mom won't be so enthused by having an aquatic frog lol.
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