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Doesn't matter. When I cycled my 2 tanks one had a lid one didn't. Makes no difference that I have ever read or heard of.
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Does this cloudiness settle down and water gets clear on its own after some time ? If so how long on an average it takes the cloudiness to disappear? You know beginners gets frustrated for every small things that happens in an aquarium.... But all your advice really helps me a lot..
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the cloudiness should go away after a while. it is most likely occuring because you are in the cycling process. dont worry. 8)

and i think it would be best to go with a tropical will have more color, sizes, personalities, and a lot more types of fish to choose from.
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I got a real but dead white coral from LFS. Kindly advice me whether I can use this from my fresh water tank?
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well im not an expert on coral but if you wash it really good then it should be just fine. and if someone thinks that this is wrong please say so because again im a freshwater person and know nothing of corals.
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My wife like to see the air bubbles from the air pump. I got a Tetra Whisper 40 for my 28g tank. In the instructions its been mentioned i need to place the pump above the tank. Kindly suggest me easy way to fix it since i dont have anything on the wall behind the tank to palce it. Do i need to connect using a check valve?

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I got one small gold fish less than a inch lengt in my tank. It was active for a day and next day its started getting down at the bottom of the tank and it died after few days. I check all the water parameters using API test kit everything looks perfect. Do I need to replace the entire water or partial water since the fish was died in the tank ? I & my wife really got disappointed since the fish got died in few days. Kindly help me to aviod this future.

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When you say perfect what were the actual perameters? It helps us if we have actual numbers to work with.

Where did you get the fish? If you got it from petsmart then more than likely it had something wrong with it from the moment you brought it home.

The best thing for cycling a tank is patience (all good things come to those who wait) I wouldn't suggest using a goldfish as your first fish to help cycle the tank. All goldfish do is eat and poop and poop alot. Your better off to start off with something like some zebra danios or some thing hardy like that so if there is a sudden change in parameters (which is bound to happen the first couple of months) they should be able to survive it.

Also I agree with everyone else I would stick with tropical fish. Put a goldfish in with tropical fish and your asking for trouble.

one more thing on cycling I've found it best to cycle a tank with the lights off this helps keep any possibility of algea at a minnimum.
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post #29 of 36 Old 04-03-2008, 04:18 PM
If you the numbers looked good, then let's view some other options that could have killed the fish:

1) Disease - this is the most likely, but not simply because it came from Petco (if it even did). Some Petcos are wonderful for buying fish, some are very much not.

2) Stress - if the fish was stressed for some reason (long wait in the plastic bag, major water temperature change, etc), then there's a slight possibility that it could have died slowly from the stress. This is much less likely than option number one.

3) Fate - Your fish was fated to go to fish heaven or hell, whichever the case may be.

The good news is that you can take the fish back the store and they will most likely let you get a new one free of charge since it died so quickly. If that one dies, then you know it's something with your tank rather than bad luck on the first one.

Hope that helps,

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All goldfish grow to be far too large for your tank, I'd really recommend sticking to tropical fish unless you plan on getting a much larger tank soon. As for why your goldfish died, I agree that it was probably sick when you got it, but your water parameters would be really helpful. Most areas have an aquarium society with their own forum, I'd recommend going on there and checking out what fish store they go to. Most areas have a good one around. Every time I go into Petco or Petsmart I see lots of sick fish. But the small local fish store where I go to buy my fish won't sell me fish that are sick, or ones that just came in so they aren't sure if the fish is healthy yet. It may be a little more money, but I've never had a fish die that I've gotten from that store.

Also, don't get any more fish until you know you tank isn't what killed the first one! There's no point in getting more fish and them continuing to die.
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