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Do I need to add Water Conditioner(I got Top Fin one) during my cycling process?
Is that all the tap water needs water condioners? Kindly suggest me a good water conditioner.
My understanding is need to continuously run the filter during the cycling process.
Please suggest me a good filter for my 29g tank.
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Aqua Clear 70.

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yes you need to add water conditioner, and you will need to add it to new water when you do water changes. (add it to the bucket, before putting it in the tank when doing changes).

i personally like 'kent freshwater products', they have one called prime, and one called first step that are pretty good. just make sure the one you buy does not break down ammonia, cause it will show up a false positive on ammonia tests, and you will not know when you are done cycling.

top fin brand is certainly fine to start your tank up.

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How long should I need to cycle my tank. Should I need to add some fish during the cycle process and would it help the cycle process?
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That will help you understand cycling a little better. Don't be afraid to cycle with fish. Many here do. Many prefer fishless so it is up to you.

I am glad you went with glass. Easier to clean, won't scratch easily.

Aquaclear 50/200 HOB power filter or larger. Visotherm heater.
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I already got the Aquaclear 50/200 HOB but I'm struck between the decision whether to go for a cold water or tropical fish tank. I'm not sure whether its ok to have a community tank with both gold fish & tropical fish with heater set up ??
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Goldfish + Tropical fish will not work; they need totally diff. temperatures and 30g I would imagine be too small for a goldfish.
Tropical is the easiest and cheapest- in my opinion the best looking. xD
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It's now 48 hours after I started my cycling process. Yesterday night I kept the hood lid open for aeration. The water was crystal clear till yesterday now it turned out to be non clear state and I couldn't able to see even the background of my the tank. Kindly advice me what should be my action now?

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Cloudy water is normal for some in a cycle. Could be a good bacterial bloom in the water. Could be the start of green water. Neither one will harm or lengthen the cycle process.
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Keeping the hood lips open for aeration during the cycle process is healthy process or not ?
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