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Suggested fish for these water values

I've just moved, and am preparing to set up a new 90 gallon tank. I'm hoping to get fish & plants that will do well in this area, with minimal water treatment. I don't want to be madly adjusting values every time I do a water change. I've tested the water (treated first for chlorine, then tested w/Aquarium Pharmaceuticals kit) and am concerned about the large difference between general and carbonate hardness:

KH (Carbonate) = 8-9
DH (General) = 0-1
Ph = 8.4 - 8.6

I'm not willing to go with a deionizer to decrease the Kh. Will I still be able to grow plants at this KH and pH? (I've always loved a well-planted aquarium, and usually have luck with plants. I've had aquariums for years, but never lived anywhere with this high a pH.)

While I have dreams of discus, I'm not (at this time) wanting to do the extensive water changes they require. Although at setup (and for about 6 months thereafter) I'll do frequent partial water changes, once it's well established I'd hope for once monthly 10-20% changes.

The aquarium will have an undergravel filter and a hanging (bio-wheel) filter. Eventually I'd like to get a cannister filter to go underneath, but these filters came with the tank.

Will the standard tropical fish & plants do well in these parameters? Would I be better off increasing the pH and dH to go with African cichlids?

I'd appreciate your suggestions.

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If you're doing live plants, forget about the undergravel. Add a canister instead or a second HOB.

Sounds like you have enough calcium hardness that you could do really well by Sailfin Mollies. Use argonite sand, get sailfin Mollies at the rate of 1 male to 4 females. Add a smidge of marine salt - like a half tsp/gallon.

Then round it out with a pair of violet gobies and maybe a school of glassfish.

Java Moss, Java Fern, and Vals are all good in slightly brackish water. Here's a link to some plants with some salt tolerance:

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