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stocking question?

I have a 25 g planted tank, and was wondering if I still have room for some neon tetras? I would like to put about 5 in.
Right now I have:
3 fancy tailed guppies
3 swordtails
3 glowlight tetras
4 Mollies
1 small algae eater
So what do you think, any room?
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Hi. What filtration do you have on your tank?

Guppy - 4 - 6cm each
swordtails - 10-12cm each
glowlight tetras - 3cm each
mollies - what kind of molly? Sailfins grow to 5 inches long.
algae eater - what kind of algae eater?

I would say you're pretty well stocked already and if anything, add to the number of glowlight tetra as they prefer to be in shoals of at least 6 for security
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They are balloon Molly's, and i'am not sure about the algae eater?
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Oh ya and I have a aqua clear hanging filter.
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I wouldn't add anything other than maybe a few glowlights then to bring the total of them up to 6.
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What's the difference between adding 3 more glowlights or adding 5 neons? Neons are smaller then glowlights? Just a thought, IÓm not planning on adding anymore fish for about a month anyway.
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If you do add anything I would add more glowlights first. It might not seem like a big difference to you, but the fish can tell the difference between their species and another. Schooling fish (ie most tetra) need to be kept in groups of at least 6.

Another word of advice: livebearers like hard, alkaline water while most tetra do best in soft, acidic water. If you're maintaining a livebearer tank I would advise against adding neons specifically on their water parameters.


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