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Betta are like little water-puppies. They're companionable, tameable, trainable, rugged, tolerant (mostly), beautiful, brave, clean, and reverent. A large healthy plakat (short-fin) would rule the tank .....and kids lov'em.

Build a sorority with 6 or 9 female Betta. A barrel of monkeys is nothing compared to that.
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Thanks Hallyx, I will add that to our list of options, sounds like a good option.
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What are the dimensions of the tank?
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24" x 12" and 14" high.
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Originally Posted by AmyP1985 View Post
Hi, I'm a beginner so I may be way off here but would the following be ok in a 65 litre (17 US gallons) tank?

2 honey gourami
6 cardinal tetra
4 peppered cory

PH 7.2. DH 11.8. Gravel substrate.
I'm no pro, but this stocking doesn't look terrible to me. . .?

A smaller cory might be a better choice in a 24" tank.
Gourami are notorious for being temperamental, but they can play nice, too - something to read up on, and keep an eye out for, if you take this route.

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Thanks, I've just been reading that 3 would be better for gourami so I'm going to cross them off my list I think, as really don't want to overstock and only want to get fish in group sizes they would be happy in. Also think I need to cross cories off the list as our gravel isn't rounded?
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Well, if you haven't set it up with fish yet, you could always change the gravel for sand.

I think 3 would be fine too, if you got a m/f/f trio.

3 Honeys, 8 Neons, and 5 Pandas.

I do agree that it would be safer to have the corydoras on sand, instead of gravel. I know some people have done it successfully, but personally I think it's safer to use sand.

EDIT: Absolutely wonderful to hear that you've been doing research before you stock! It really makes me happy to see how determined you are to have the best for your fish and start off on the right foot.
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Thanks. We have an undergravel filter and I've heard sand is a no because of that? It came with the tank but will probably get a new filter when we have the money spare, although it will probably be too late to change to sand then. Are there any suitable bottom dwellers that like gravel and would fit in the tank?
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An undergravel filter isn't going to maintain the tank like you need. I HIGHLY suggest waiting until you can afford a different filter to start this tank.
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Once you have you tank built and stocked, it will be more difficult to replace that UGF. They really are a pain in the long run. The Azoo Palm goes for about $7. Or a slightly bigger version of the same thing.

You have an airpump. You can get a suitable sponge filter for even less.

Jaycee knows about equipment. Let me see if he's around.

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