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Stocking options for 10 gal planted

Wonder what some good fish for a 10 gal would be. Also any plant suggestions you have would be great also.
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I like Lilly pads alot and in my old 10 gallon i had a sail-fin Mollie, sunburst wag,dalmatian Mollie, 2 ghost shrimp, fancy guppy, balloon Mollie and one skirted tetra but those usually like to be with other tetras, mine was happy though. later when one of my mollies died i got a male beta and he was fine with all the other fish even the guppy. Hope that helps :)

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My 10G has:
5 danio's (3 zebra's,2 leopards) buying another leopard this weekend
5 guppies (1 male,4 female)
3 neon Tetra's (im going to add 3 cardinal tetra's to make up the groupl)
1 "feeder shrimp" that refuses to die
Apart from some more shrimp that will be a 100% capacity stocked tank.

Plants are Anubias (on bogwood),Amazon sword,Java moss,Hair grass and "reed type plant" & a couple of other plants I dont know :P

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a lot of stuff will work in a 10 gallon tank. lots of tetras, dwarf gouramis, guppies, mollies, dianos, shrimp, some small rainbowfish, ect. im thinking about starting up a 7.5 gallon cube, ill have a pair of dwarf german blue rams and a small school of neons and cories, and a bunch of shrimp. almost any plant is good for a 10 gallon as long as you keep up with trimming and prunning, the only ones i would say no to are some bigger swords.

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