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I will probably do 8-10 gold barbs, 8-10 odessa barbs and 2-4 hillstream loaches. It's a really nice tank and if it were at my house I would probably fill it to the gills with fish, but at work i am just looking to do something that will look nice. I plan to keep the stocking around 50%-75% to limit the amount of time my weekly maintenance takes.
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I'd like to note that with hillstream loaches they need a lot of lighting to grow algae for them to eat or they are likely to starve to death and you would need a power head or two to simulate a strong current to keep them healthy. That's why I never got them, would do best in a very long shallow tank with a constant one way current and intense lighting to properly take care of them. Maybe look into corydoras paleatus (salt&peppered cory) they are supposed to prefer a water temp range almost identical to what yours will be

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I would say do any schooling fish, and then a bottom dweller or two, get a unique pleco, not a common one. Then maybe a bichir? People will find it very interesting, and they are easy and inexpensive fish!
I would school maybe Bala Sharks or Buenos Aires tetras in the work place.
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I think a 90 gallon mature tank with 700gph turnover is fine. You -will- have algae in your tank, with 2 like you said they will probably survive with no supplements if the tank is well matured. Always good to supplement veggies, and bottom feeder wafers a couple times a week, preferably a formula lower in proteins should do fine.
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There is plenty of algae in the tank. The lights are on 12 hours a day so I am currently cleaning algae off the glass regularly. I will most likely supplement fresh veggies as well, I already buy them for my plecos at home so I plan on bringing some in.

The rest of the other fish suggested will probably survive the temp in this tank. It at the most gets up to 68-70 degrees. The ones that will, will not thrive at those low temps. I am definitely going to grab some gold barbs this weekend, and some odessas if they have them. The store that carries hillstream loaches is about 45mins away so I may not get there this weekend. If peopel are interested I will update with pics when I get the fish.
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Yea! I will wanna see the odessas and NEED to see the loaches when you get them! We don't have then here but I'm a huge fan of em.
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