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Stocking idea for 55 gallon tank to go with Angels?

Hi everyone, I am trying to stock my tank around angels. I was looking at 3-4 Angels, 5 Silver Dollars, 3 Dwarf Gourami and 4 peppered corys. My PH is at 7.2, my temp is 78 and my DH is 8.4. I was originally looking at Cardinal Tetras and Rummynose Tetras instead of the Silver Dollars and the Gourami but I think my PH is too high and my water is too hard. P.S. This is my very first tank! I'm very excited!
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This isn't really the right forum category..

I would post it here:
Freshwater Aquarium

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^^ genius

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I would drop the Silver Dollars as they may eat your live plants and are way too hyperactive for the Angels and cause stress. You could try Congo Tetras, Buenos Aires Tetras or any of the other larger tetras.

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I agree about dropping the silver dollars...too skittish. I've always wanted to try Lemon tetras. They may look a bit drab at the LFS but once they settle in to a tank they get a gorgeous yellow color.

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You have a good sized tank for angels, I would centre the community around them. Add another, to have five. The reason is explained in our profile of this fish, click on the shaded name to see it, Pterophyllum scalare.

Angels really need, or should have, plants for security as well as water filtration. Silver Dollars eat plants, and even aside from this they are not a good fish with angels. I also would not have dwarf gourami, or any gourami with angels. This too is mentioned in the profile.

Profile also mentions suitable companion fish, like some of the tetra in the Hyphessobrycon genus (Rosy Tetra, Roberts Tetra). Lemon Tetra that jeaninel mentinoed. Some starting suggestions. Feel free to ask questions as they arise, we are all here to assist where we can.


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