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Stocking a hex

This is a discussion on Stocking a hex within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> It was like 20 inches in diameter, and about 28 inches tall? I don't exactly recall, but it was something like that. I put ...

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It was like 20 inches in diameter, and about 28 inches tall? I don't exactly recall, but it was something like that.

I put kuhli loaches on the bottom, though I later determined that to not be large enough for them. I had a GBR and neons for the lower region, orange flame tetras for the middle, and black neons and a betta for the top.

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Originally Posted by gema View Post
Hi Byron.

I have soft water 2.2dGH and pH of 7.2 from the tap but has naturally lowered to 7 in my tank which I'm guessing will happen in my husband's tank as well?
Yes, nothing should be different unless something is plac ed in the tank that targets GH, example calcareous rock or gravel or sand will harden the water. But otherwise, expect the parameters to be much the same. More organics (wood, leaves, detritus) will soften slightly of course.

You have many options for fish with soft water. There are several cyprinids that would work, the rasbora especially. Among the characins the pencilfish, some of the tetra (the non-active species). Catfish, corys will be fine. Avoid loaches (other than perhaps kuhlii), they need swimming room and most grow large anyway (for this setup).

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