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stocking 75 gallon

i am probably getting a 75 gallon tank tonight, and while it will be a few months before i get it set up (have to move first, but will be getting a pretty good deal on the tank), i'm trying to get started on planning what i want to put in it now. my common pleco will be moving over to it, and my swordtails (i also plan to get a few more swords), but i don't know what else to add.

i will have a rather high pH (7.6 or higher, don't know for sure yet) and hard water (also don't know for sure yet, since we have to get a house first), which i know kind of limits what i can get. one thing i am rather interested in is blind cave tetra. they are kind of fun. from what i've found about them, they are very adaptable fish that should be ok with the pleco and swords and my water parameters.

i figure with 75 gallons, i should be able to have schools of a few different fish and maybe a center piece fish, if i can come up with something that won't eat everything else i get.

so what do you people recommend?

**I freely admit that most of the information I share I have learned from other people on this forum and am simply repeating. I thank you for sharing your knowledge and ask that if I say anything incorrect someone will kindly correct me**
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Livebearers are obviously suited to your water. You are probably aware of the issues around mixing them, male/female, etc so I needn't go into that. Our profiles of the species mention these issues.

For a centerpiece, I would look at the Central American cichlids. There are a couple of very peaceful (for cichlids) species that would do well. The Keyhole Cichlid and Firemouth come to mind as possibles, both are in our profiles and there may be a couple others there too.

A 75g could be aquascaped as a Central American stream and be a lovely display. Pea gravel with rounded river rock for boulders, a few chunks of bogwood, and sturdy plants (larger swords, Java Fern) along with a few floating plants. Canister filter with a moderate flow simulating a stream such as those that are natural habitats to the cichlids and livebearers.

Byron Hosking, BMus, MA
Vancouver, BC, Canada

The aquarist is one who must learn the ways of the biologist, the chemist, and the veterinarian. [unknown source]

Something we all need to remember: The fish you've acquired was quite happy not being owned by you, minding its own business. If you’re going to take it under your wing then you’re responsible for it. Every aspect of its life is under your control, from water quality and temperature to swimming space. [Nathan Hill in PFK]
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