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Stocking a 20g with Tetras, Corydoras, and what else?

I'm setting up a new 20g tank and when it finishes cycling, I'm adding in my existing 5 neon tetras and 5 corydoras. I also have some plants in the tank (not sure of their names).

Is there any other species I can add to the tank? On AqAdvisor it says the tank's stocking level would be 53% -- Is this reliable, and does that mean I still have a lot more room for fish?

I really like bottom feeders and was thinking about getting a type of dwarf pleco or a loach (dwarf, kuhli, yoyo, zebra, or maybe another). I'm not sure if the loaches would be too aggressive with the other fish, as I get a LOT of conflicting opinions on this. What do you think?

Also, I will probably get 5 more tetras for a total of 10 in the school. If there are any other fish that can fit in this 20g tank and play nicely with the tetras and cories, that would be great.
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How about upping your cory school to 8 and doing 15 neons, then adding a bristlenose pleco and a dwarf gourami or betta?
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I agree with Flint on the Corys and Neons, my schools have always done best in the largest possible numbers. I also have a pair of Bolivian Rams with lots of corys and neons, the Rams are bottom dwellers, very peaceful w/others when given their own space, like a cave made w/lava rocks, slate or whatever.
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Someone else suggested a Dwarf Gourami as well, and I'm loving that idea. Never had a gourami before but they look very nice! I might get one, or a pair (male/female).

Bettas don't always do well with neon tetras (or so I've heard). Might work in a 20g, but eh. I had bettas years ago and I'm not really interested in new ones at the moment.

The bristlenose pleco is a really interesting looking fellow!! I'm not sure if any of my LFS have it though.... :( It says they grow to 4-5 inches -- this will still be fine for the 20g tank? And it would be fine to get only 1 of them?

I think upping the cory and tetra numbers is a great idea too.

Rams look very cool, but it looks like they are a little expensive and difficult to care for. I'm not sure if I am up to that.

Thanks for the suggestions!!
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Yes Bristlenose Plecos would do great in a 20 gal. If your LFS gets any, give it a shot. I absolutely love mine, unfortunately (as I just recently learned) only the males have bristles!! The one I got turned out to be female( no bristles) and my LFS only sells unsexable juveniles, it was less than 1 inch when I got her, 6 months later, about 3 inches. And yes, like all Plecos, they do fine by themselves as they are not a "schooling" fish. As far as the Bolivian Rams, the pair I got were only $7.50 each, and they are fairly hardy, even more so than neons (IME). It is the German Blue and Electric Blue Rams that are far more demanding about water quality (soft, acidic water, PH 6.0-6.5) mine are thriving in extremely hard water, PH 8.0., its all about water stability, like all fish.
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Check out I just ordered a pair from them and the pair was $12.98!
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Germans really aren't too water specific. You just need to acclimate well and keep the water consistent. My pH is 8.4
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Hmm it says 1 pair of rams is $15.98 and they are currently sold out :( They have an eBay store too but they are on reserve. I'll see if my LFS happens to have them.

I was looking at photos of BN plecos, and yeah it's hard to sex the juveniles. But oh well, a female would be fine too. I thiiink the males look like they have slightly longer fins than the females.
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Bn plecos can be hard to sex when young. What i did is i went when they just got them in and USUALLY the males are a little bigger. So I got the to smallest ones and the biggest one. Year later I have a breeding trio. The big one is the male and the to smaller ones are females. You could go a honey gourami. They are healthier and more active than dwarfs. If you do the rams, petco has them most of the time.
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Petco doesn't carry rams.
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