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Stocking a 20 gallon long

I知 currently upgrading my 10 gallon planted to a 20 gallon long tank. I got the new 20 gallon last night and today I bought a large piece of driftwood and a nice selection of low light plants at my LFS to fill it out. Substrate will be mostly gravel with perhaps a small section of regular play sand. The tank will get some sun from a south-facing window and I also want to experiment with LED lights.

I知 trying to decide how I want to stock it. I will be moving one endler, two platys and a newly acquired clown pleco into the 20 gallon. Also, I have one harlequin rasbora that I can either return to my LFS or keep him and add 5 more? I have 3 guppy fry (about a month old) in another tank that I could also put in the new 20 eventually.

Out of the tap my water has a ph of 8.2 and about 8.0 in my tanks. The LFS owner described our local water as medium to medium hard.

Will I be fully stocked if I do add the 5 Harlequins? Could I still add say 4 or 5 dwarf cories or 3 Otos (after I have some algae growing)? I壇 also like to leave room for a couple sparkling gouramis or scarlet badis if I could ever find them locally, although I知 uncertain if either of these would be appropriate with my current fish. I have some cherry shrimp in a 2.5 gallon that I壇 like to add in also, but they are so small that I知 afraid they may just end up getting eaten.

Any input would be appreciated, including other suggestions of different fish.

Thank you.
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Sunday I started the build on my 20 gallon. I've attached a picture here of how it looks so far. It actually seems a bit crowded to me. That is a large piece of driftwood on the left side. I don't have my lighting up yet, so the photo is not the best. Also I need to add a background still, I'll probably go with solid black. I actually ended up going with a sand substrate. I've added some floating plants after the picture was taken (hornwort and moneywort I think they are).
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I would say you could add the 3 ottos and then you should stop. If you want to get the other 5 rasboras, that would be fine. However, perhaps a school of Lemon tetras or neon tetras would add some beauty. Best of luck! Keep us posted!

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I own freshwater fish. My favorites are Guppies, and I am getting back into platies again after a few years.
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It looks good I think you would be ok to add the Harleguin Rasbora to the tank they are very pretty fish when they are settled in.

Kindest Regards,

Keeping fish its not a hobby it is a passion!

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Thanks for the quick replies. Yes, I think I may be more attached to my one remaining Harlequin than I realized. I'll probably end up going the route of adding more.

I may scrap my plan of trying LEDs for the time being and just use the plain CFLs you can buy at Lowes or Home Depot with some clip on type fixtures for now. Is there anything special I should look for when buying them? I though about trying the Marineland doublebright LEDs, but some of the testimonials I've read indicate they are less than ideal for growing plants.
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I think you are correct to avoid the Marineland LEDs, they look nice, but from what I've read they do not produce the proper light for plants.

As far as the CFLs look for the K rating. This is a measure of the color temperature of the light produced - a higher number (say 10000K) looks bluer, lower K looks more yellow. Look for something around 6500K, this will include both red and blue light that plants need for photosynthesis and will produce clean light as well. You would need to see the spectral graph to be certain, but this will likely be hard to find for this type bulb. If no K rating is given, go for one marked "daylight", but you should be able to find some that indicate the K rating.

Probably need two CFLs at around 15 watts each. A glass lid for the tank would be a good idea to make sure the lamps stay away from the water.
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Thanks Quantum. Two CFLs isn't bad; I can handle that. I'll save the LED experiment for another tank, perhaps by that time the price will have come down some too. Most of the plants I have in there are of the low light variety except maybe three clumps of dwarf hair grass which I am trying for the first time.

I put all my plants in on Sunday and I am going to check my parameters tonight and if everything looks okay I will move my two platys into their new home.

Thanks again for all the input.
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