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Stocked after 1 day

Okay well I bought my tank on saturday and I did everything that I was suposed to and I brought

the water sample to the store the next day to see if I was doing things right. So they tested it and said

this around 24 hours later that the tank was running. They said the water was fine and ready to buy

fish thats all my girlfriend needed to hear. So we bought to African Chiclids. They are gerat looking. But

from reading on the internet I feel that I made the worst mistake. I am sorry If I offended anyone on

site by doing so. So I feel that I did the fish an injustice maybe the tank isnt ready for them and they

are the greatest looking fish ever. Is it possible to save them or is it to late. One fish is swimming

around very quickly and the other is justin chilling out doing its thing, Should I WORRY sorry for doing

this. I know i probably shouldn't have but my girlfriend heard the lady say you can buy fish so we did.

Need help any advice is this okay or will my fish die. Or if any advice on how to save them.
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Its okay its a common mistake.
Lets start with what size is the tank.
Do you know the names of the fish you bought, also how many.
Do you have a heater, filter, ect.
Do you have plants?
Do you have a water test kit? Do you know your parameters?

Welcome by the way!

Okay well i found out..
your heater, filter, tank size..
So do you have plants, how many and the names of your fish? Also about the water test kit and parameters. Is what we will need to know to start.

Vancouver, B.C. Canada

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Sorry okay well I have a 55 gallon tank. They are two African Chiclids or soemthing. I am trying to find

out they real names on line. But I bought them at petco Yea I know I probably Shouldn't have been

listening to them. They just want to sell A fish I can describe it to you. One is purpal yellow black spots.

And the other one is white with black spots. They are skinner than Oscars. But the sign said they would

grow to 10 inches. I am so sorry I am so new to this. They go nuts when t he light is on, But when the

light is off they arent so bad. I do not know if this is stress or not. I have a 200 watt heater. So I have

Fish and 55 gallon tank. Temp is set around 78 80 degrees. So please help. IF you can figure out what

kind of Chiclids they that would be great.
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what were the common names of them? i also have a african cichlid tank the same size as yours. you have a test kit right? were going to need the results of your water tests to tell you exactly what is going on and talk you through what all is going to happen over the next 30 days. i would suggest not feeding for the fish day or two and keeping the lights off so that the fish can get accuanted. they most likely wont eat the first day anyways and cutting the light off reduces stress to them. after you can answer my questions i got some more for you lol, but well start here.
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Money is right..

Also congratulation Money on the baby! You will have to get her hooked on the fish bug :)

However you will need to buy a test kit to monitor your cycle. API Freshwater test kits are most recommended. You may want to shop around walmart, other fish stores because sometimes you can get them for $20, other places $50.. I bought my for $30 canadian, just so you know.. I would suggest doing a water change.. Probably 40% everyday with dechlorinated water, that is around the same temperature as your aquarium so not to give them a shock with the temperature difference. Until you get your test kist. Then you should look up some information on cycling a fish tank. (Ill try and find you some).

Vancouver, B.C. Canada
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Thank you for being so helpful. Im not going to lie I have no idea what I am doing as you can see. So

changing the water I wouldn't know where to begin. And I will pick up a test kit. So I am a bit

overwhelmed right now. But I am sure with the help on this site will help me out greatly I really Don't

want to loose these fish. And as for there common name have no idea. They were 12 dollars each lol.
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they might have been labled as "assorted africans" but thats actually a lack of effort on the stores part to id them and give each species their own tank but then again, they might have can ya get some pics??? when you do a waterchange make sure the water is about room temp or higher and that you add your stress zyme to it before yyou add it to your tank. 40% in my opinion is a little bit excessive you will be fine if you do like a 25% tonight tommorow just in the next day or so then about a week later or so do another then when you get your testers you can time the changes better.

thanks rohland, i cant wait to take her home and show her the tank and introduce her to my dog. I miss my fish too lol, i was about to do a water change when i came home saturday after work but plans changed. i gotta show you guys pics of the room and lillie. dont know if i can though the computer here doesnt have like a desktop its just a browser and thats it . sorry for the off topic im just reallllly excited!!!! :D
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Congrats Money!

Good advice above. The trick to having fish that live through a new tank cycle, is testing daily, and water changes to keep ammonia and nitrite under .25 ppm.
The filter is where most of the needed bacteria will grow, so no changing out the filter media. If the media is dirty, clean it off in tank water that was removed during the water change. Chlorinated water will kill the bacteria. Replace the media, only when it is falling apart.
Dechlorinate all new water added to the tank. Prime is a good water conditioner for a new tank. It will help detoxify ammonia and nitrite.
Do you have a water siphon? (gravel cleaner)
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Well see I did my research I guess not that well. I have all the basics that you would need. But a siphon no. A test kit no. And this hobby has already cost me over 500 this week. So I will get some more money today. This is a lot more than I accepected. But it is what it is. I am enjoying it very much. But when you think fish tank you think water and fish. This is a lot at first but hopefully one day I will be writing on these forums to help people maybe some day but not now obviously but thank you guys so much. I am not used to people being so friendly. But I will go get a test kit and try to find out exactly what type of fish they are and post it.
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trust me i know all about fishkeeping on a penny lol. Trust me you are going to want to go to and look for a freshwater master test kit it is only 18.00 american with shiiping. in the picture it doesnt say its a API master kit but it is. as far as a gravel siphon goes go to a lowes home depot or pool store or something where you can buy like 1/4inch tubing and buy as much as you need to drain the old water to wherever you wanna drain it. fgor a "gravel vaC" just use like a 16oz plastic pop bottole or something simmilar in size, then just tape or fit the tubing overt the top of the bottle after you cut the bvottom 1/4th of the bottle off and boom instant gravel vac that cost you as much as the soda and the tubing. hope this helps money.
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