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hmm. Does the smell get worse when its time for a WC?

Originally Posted by Christople View Post
^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
Part 1
--------- Part 2


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Originally Posted by redchigh View Post
hmm. Does the smell get worse when its time for a WC?

Not really. It just has a stinky smell all the time. Like others have said, it smells like plants/soil but really strong, to me anyway. The tanks are both kept very clean, I guess it just is a smell that is not appealing to my nose.
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good choice.i love eternity... hahaha you dog reminds me of my hubby.he uses Christian Dior Fahrenheit after coming out of the toilet when we were dating.
my planted seems to have a stronger odor then the large predator tank. i think carbon in the filters plays a crucial role in controlling the odor problems

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Do you smell this in the room all the time, or only when you open the hood to clean? (do you have hoods?) I have a very sensitive nose. Like Aunt Kymmie, I can't tolerate perfurme. I use unperfumed laundry detergent. I can detect no smell from my tanks when they are just sitting there. There is a slight fishy/composty smell when I open the hood, and in the water I remove. The filter pads stink a bit, but only when I open the filters up.

If the smell is all the time in your room, try putting a dish of bicarbonate of soda in the room.

Are your rooms well ventilated? The air might be slightly damp from evaporation from the tanks (particularly if you have to heat your house). If so, you can buy a product like damprid which absorbs moisture from the air D A M P R I D - The Original Non-Electric Moisture Absorber
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Originally Posted by aunt kymmie View Post
Odd, that it smells and you are doing that much cleaning. My tank smells just like 1077's, kinda like a moist "garden". What exactly are you smelling, as in what does the smell remind you of?? Maybe it stinks to you but maybe it's a good smell that you're simply not familiar with??? Just a thought.

Fish rug, yuck! All the more reason to have tiled and hardwood floors. I'm always amazed at how much water I get all over the place when I'm doing tank maintenance. If I had rugs when I started this hobby they would have been ripped out long ago, lol.

A little test I like to try while performing maint on my tanks is to try and keep one hand dry at all times.
It's when I end up with both hands in the tank that water get's everywhere.
With major maint(removing all decor) I place a large sheet of construction plastic on the floor in front of the tank. When finished,I simply roll /fold up the plastic and hang it outside over the porch railing until dry. Then fold/roll it up for next time.
I've actually gotten pretty good at the just one hand in the tank while keeping the other dry to hold my ciggarette.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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I noticed it depends on the substrate with my tanks. I have 2 snail and shrimp tanks, one with a fine gravel substrate and the other with a sandy pebble plant substrate mixture that don't smell at all. In my discus tank I have sand and I noticed when a water change is done on that tank and the sand is tossed around or a handful is pulled out and exposed to the air it smells dreadful. Like if you had a tank full of dead snails. They need to make an Arm & Hammer Odor absorber for aquariums.:)

Inga sounds like you should carry some vicks on you since you are so sensitive. That's what I do when I go to the gym so I don't smell sweating people. Just put some under or in your nose.


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Originally Posted by Inga View Post
No, Rotten or farty would be my 3 year old Rottweiler. The dog has gas no matter what he eats or what I give him to help. Yogurt helps a little but the Calvin Klein helps with the rest.
Your Rottweiler sounds a lot like my husband....LOL. Farty. Very, very farty.
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I agree that it kinda smells like wet soil, but I also dont like it. The Seachem prime and flourish is what makes me sick though.
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Originally Posted by bigehugedome View Post
I agree that it kinda smells like wet soil, but I also dont like it. The Seachem prime and flourish is what makes me sick though.

Eek! Yeah, those both gag me as well. Gross smells. The Prime smells of rotting eggs, no wonder the water smells bad, right?
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