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Starting up a new 46g bowfront w/turts.

Hello, have not been on for quite a while but uhmm.

As of lately I have been having great luck with keeping fish with my texas map turtle. I currently have a pair of gouramis with her. She never seems interested in eating them.

Sad part is, the tank cant be overly "elaborate" as I would like it to be because shes a little bit destructive. I mean Iam going to have to take appart the tank and having to glue the stuff down.

So anywho, this comes up to the point where Iam thinking. "Hey I want a new tank with less destructive turtles and generally slower". So I thought mud or musk turtles. I came accross quite a few, especially the 3-stripped mud turtle, which I will be acquiring from a breeder this weekend. They are a pair of C.B. I know one thing for sure, musks/muds are extremely slow. They will not catch up to fish. Nor are they destructive by plowing through everything. So Iam thinking of a new bowfront that I want to be setting up in a few weeks. For now Iam going to be using a 10g untill I make sure the turtles are completely fine and have no illness or parasites. I have done my research been told it should be alright. But not many people know fish. :P So I have to ask here first.
Here are the turtles requirement:
Heat:75-82 One end in the aquarium being warmer than the other. Its how they thermoregulate their well temperature. I dont know if fish mind this. But I was thinking of getting like 6-12mosquito fish, 2 gouramis or 2 bitterlings. A freshwater clam that they sell at liveaquaria, some live plants(a few), a few shrimps. I was thinking maybe a "viper" shrimp. Since they are big and strong filterfeeders. Or something like the cheap ghost shrimps. I just want:
a)Peaceful/community fish
b)Tolerant of temps
d)Def. not messy(No goldfish xD)
Im thinking of using very small gravel. Like 1/3 the size of your smallest fingernail. Like smaller than pea gravel(tends to look nicer and it passes easily through turtles digestive tract). Or I may use sand, which tends to be clean.

I want to add like 4 pvc pipes on the back covered with "ivy" plants (plastic terrarium) so its a neat hiding/resting place for fish and turts.

If I go with 3-stripe muds they get around max of 3.5inches, normally 3inches.

I would also like to know good floating plants that are hardy, non messy(I like duckweed but it gets everywhere and its just a pain to deal with), I also want underwater plants that are hardy and non toxic.

If the fish I suggested are for any reason not a good match then please point me in the right direction. I defenitely know I can make a turtle aquarium with fish.

No the tank wont be half full, it will be full but I will leave a 1/3 of the water down. SO I can make a rack for it to dry dock, just in case if it wants to. Or an above tank basking area. Probably dock though.

But anywho, I want active, hardy, community fish. I like the looks of the gambusia and bitterlings. It just looks, natural to me.

Im trying to figure out smaller turtles for a tank. :P I was thinking 3-stripe because as hatchling it will take them 4years to fully grow. But anyways, it wouldnt matter anyways because I did my research.

Also, I would like to be pointed out in good filters.

OH I almost forgot, I was thinking of instead of a "filter" I would get strong powerheads like mag drive. Because carbon is unneaded for a tank or so I found out. All you need is the foam, which if I use the power head to collect solid waste, and plants to eat nitrates/nitrites(I heard of this somehwere) like hycanths then thats all is needed. But anywho, the powerhead would have the water flowing into a tube outtake, that would lead into pvc pipes at the top with 100s of small drilled holes to simulate rain. I like the sound of it and it would be less stressfull on fish. I was thinking should I add another filter it would a hang on the back, or a canister filter of some sort. But I still would love to have that water system I mentioned. It would add a ton of oxygen to the tank.I was thinking for water flow/movement I would use air stones.
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P.S.! Sorry for the long post but Id thought it would be explain myself and give a better image of what Iam trying to go for.
Iam not going to add the fish yet. I want to cycle the tank with my turtles(it doesnt harm them), then I would slowly add the fish. Please and thank you.
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