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hmm yea i though bout bringin the blood parrot back after the others went but hes been swimming around a lot and seems to be doing alright but maybe il take him back tomorrow. Since ive had this bacterial bloom since last sunday is there any time frame as to when i can expect things to spike?
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well the cycle can take anything up to 5-6 weeks.
do you have any friends with a fish tank ?
if you do ask them if they would donate some of their filter media
to you,that would help otherwise it's a case of waiting. :(
sometimes i've heard people say that the LFS has given them some sqeezes from there filters,you never know unless you ask. :)
don't have your light on for too long either.
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oh ok i usually have my light on from 10 am to 11 pm, also i got everything as a kit, but im afraid that maybe my light i too bright for the fish combined with the white gravel. Do you think i should be worried or just let it be
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not worried exactly however you only need the lights on for
about 8 hours.
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post #25 of 30 Old 10-08-2008, 09:34 PM
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*drools* so pretty. I hope to be picking up a 30 gallon or more tank from craigslist sooooon! Want to give my tetras and otto cats more room! Good luck and may you have some really delighted fishes!
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post #26 of 30 Old 10-09-2008, 09:47 AM
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Craigslist is the place to get a tank in my opinion. I was just looking yesterday and there have been almost a dozen tanks offered up on there in the last week.

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heres an update with some of my fish, the tank has done very well, there was a bacteria bloom which then subsided followed by a spike in ammonia which then dropped the next day, my fish are doing pretty good

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post #28 of 30 Old 10-16-2008, 09:44 PM Thread Starter
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oh yea i have 2 jack dempseys, 1 blood parrot, 1 irridecent shark, and a dinosaur eel
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post #29 of 30 Old 10-17-2008, 07:52 AM
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Not to sound like a jerk, but those fish are not going to work out long-term. The iridescent shark gets three feet or more in length and prefers to be in a school, so it's really not a suitable aquarium fish at all. I'm assuming the dinosaur eel is some sort of bichir, in which case it will eventually need a bigger home (55g should be good). The Dempseys and blood parrot will also outgrow the tank, but the more immediate problem is that as they get some size on them, they will very likely decide that they don't like each other. Watch out for aggression between the parrot and Dempseys and remove any fish that are getting picked on. If the Dempseys are a male/female pair and start to breed, then your other fish will definitely be killed. In the event that all of your fish get along, I would eventually want at least a 90g tank for the bichir, Dempseys and blood parrot, and you would need something on the order of 1000g if you keep the shark.

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yea i dont intend on keeping the shark at all and will be upgrading to a bigger tank maybe 55-75 gallon in the near future, as of right now though all the fish are getting along, every time i introduce a new fish the blood parrot feels the need to give it a couple nudges but then backs off i think cuz maybe he realizes they mean no harm ... for now anyways
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