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ok. great. i just moved the tank in and i'm cleaning the sand today. I hope to begin a cycle by this weekend
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If you keep tons of plants you will not need to cycle.
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how many is a ton?
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The amount of plants is very hard to actually measure to avoid a cycle, the general rule is by amount of fish you plan to keep initially. ie, x amount fish = y amount of plants since plants will help eliminate ammonia in the water. What is your planned stock for the tank?
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after i washed all the sand for a couple of hours, i placed it in the tank and i added water amd its cloudy. will it dissapear after a day? I can't decided on what fish to stock.. I really like gourami and bolivian rams. I want a couple of nice schooling fish. definately some corys. and if the sand works out i'll need to get some of those MLS.
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The cloudyness from the sand will settle after a couple of days, you should see improvement within 24 hrs though.

not MLS, its MTS = Malaysian Trumpet Snails, most pet stores will give em to you for free as they find them to be more annoying than beneficial. Gouramis are great fish for the top but they come in a large variety of sizes and temperaments. Almost all are territorial but some, like the pearl, will be more agreeable and less aggressive for its own kind.

I have 2 Bolivian rams myself, they are wonderful fish to keep. Mine are very aggressive towards eachother and have very defined territories.

For schooling fish, rasboras are very good at schooling. Many of the smaller tetras are also very good for creating a school.

Corys are amazing. I used to keep some dwarf ones. They will school in groups of 6 or more and will swim together. They also love sand, it will be perfect for them.

The Tropical Fish Profiles on this forum are very good and well researched resources. Most of the fish that can be commonly purchased in stores are listed with care requirements, space, etc.

I would recommend getting a test kit to make sure your water parameters are suitable for the types of fish you want.

I also recommend that you introduce your stock in little batches of no more than 4-6 at one time. It will limit the strain on your bio-load and will let you monitor fish behavior and compatibility before adding more.

As for plant amount, think of what kinds of plants you want and just plant them in places you like. if you notice that you are getting a lot of ammonia, you can add more plants and do a small 10-15% water change. Try introducing the hardier fish first as to minimize fish loss.
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is it worth trying dwarf gourami? there's alot of talk of them having disease
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If you carefully examine them before you buy, you should be ok. If you are worried, you may want to introduce only a few at a time and monitor them closely. If possible, its always best to quarantine fish for a short period of 1-2 weeks to see if they are ill with disease, parasite, etc. If not, just be careful with your selection. Dwarf gouramis are very nice, an alternative, one of my favorite gouramis, is the pearl gourami, they get larger than the dwarf, ~5 inches, but are less territorial, a lot more shy, and just as beautiful.
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Do you buy your fish online?
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No, i buy my fish in stores. I like to be able to see what im buying. moreover, shipping for live animals is killer, ~$35 is what usually see for live fish shipping so, im sticking with whats available in stores.
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100 gallon , noob

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