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The pH and hardness of your tapwater is important because it could determine which fish you can keep - try to find this out then refer back to the fish profiles here to see if the fish you like are compatible with your water
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Originally Posted by burnsbabe View Post
Blues, Pearls, or Golds would work great.
I would hesitate to put pearls into that mix as Pearl Gouramis are very passive gouramis. It will prefer to hide rather than stake its own territory.

Rinse the sand in a bucket like burnsbabe said, swish it around and pour out the cloudy water. However, this is something you need to do with all substrates, even the pre-rinsed ones u often need to rinse again.

For sand, you need to remember to turn the substratel or there will be anerobic pockets forming which is bad for your fish.

Another solution is mixing gravel, if you like the look of sand but want the benefits of eco-complete, you can layer them, ecocomplete on the bottom, sand on the top.
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I'm thinking about doing a thin layer of pea gravel and a thick layer of sand on top. how does that sound. My tap water has a value of 40ppm. Is that okay? I believe my ph is between 6.9 and 7
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40 ppm of what?

Theres really no point in keeping pea gravel under sand as the sand will just fillin the cracks and the gravel will make it easier for anaerobic pockets to form.

That PH is fine, you want to look into harness of your water also
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isn't 440ppm the water hardness? will cory catfish be enough to stir the tank? i thought the gravel would help hold the plant roots.. but you're probably right.
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ppm is measurment, it could be for ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, GH, KH, etc. although 440 ammonia, nitrities would be instant death for fish...

corys wil not stir the tank enough, they will only play on the surface, you will need snails or worms that dig into the substrate and turn it regularly.

Sand > gravel at holding plant roots.
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440ppm can be a measurement of the hardness of water. its slightly hard i guess.. thats what ive read. I have a DIY wet dry filter setup with a 600gph pump. that should be sufficient right since it has bio and mechanical filtration and cycles the water 6 times a hour. what snails would work well?
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I personally love my MTS, as long as u dont overfeed, the only show up at night, will not harm your plants and, in general, you can ignore them.
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how many do i need?
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well they are live bearing snails, so get a few for genetic diversity, then they will find the equilibrium on their own as they can just make babies by themselves or with others.
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100 gallon , noob

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