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"Stability" new tank stabilizer

This is a discussion on "Stability" new tank stabilizer within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> At 2 weeks I now have 12 fish in the tank - 3 Zebra Danios (the original starters), 3 Serpae Tetras (added at 1 ...

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"Stability" new tank stabilizer
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At 2 weeks I now have 12 fish in the tank - 3 Zebra Danios (the original starters), 3 Serpae Tetras (added at 1 week), a Cory Catfish (added at 10 days), and 5 Glowlight Tetras (added at 2 weeks). They are all as small for their type as any I have ever seen for sale - each about the size of a Neon Tetra. I changed 15% of the water at 3 days, 7 days. and 12 days. I am still on a once-a-day light feeding schedule but am about to ramp it up a bit. This may not be the recommended routine, but it is mine and I have a long tradition of good luck starting new tanks. I did trust the "Stability" tank stabilizer though - right or wrong - and sped things up by several weeks

The tank is a 33 gallon long. It is the same size as a 55 but only 13 inches tall. It has a reverse flow undergravel filter powered by two 170 GPH powerheads and two 150 GPH BIO-wheel back filters. I expect enough surface area and enough bio, mechanical, and chemical filtration with this set-up to over-stock it a bit with teaming schools of these fish by 6-8 weeks.

The fish are thriving, the water is clear and polished, and there are no unusual smells. Therefore, I will have to say the week-long "Stabilty" routine did work. I don't think I have had as many fish doing as well so soon in any other new tank. If things do go bad I will update this thread, but 37 years of experience tells me I am over the hump.



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