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Some of my Fish (photos)

Here are a couple pictures of Sailor the sailfin Pleco

And a couple Guppy shots

Family photo

This one just sort of cracks me up. She reminds me of Dora from Nemo. "HELLOOOOOO" You know, like she is talking to whales? lol

I am still struggling to get any decent shots of my elusive but beautiful Rainbow shark and my Gourami that insists on staring straight at the camera or away from it. lol

This just in.... The World Premier Ballet company to hire "Cori Dora" in the production of The Nutcracker.

The Elusive Mr. Rainbow Shark, In his Oscar Award winning performance Of "Peek-a-Boo"

and finally in Peek-a-Boo 2 "BUSTED!"

The Most Beautiful Blue Gourmi playing "You can't see me"

I really need to work on getting some good photo's of these fish. I just love watching them but do not have the patience to sit there with a camera waiting for them to pose. Especially the elusive Shark. Anyhow, those are some of my fishy friends. Now...Where are yours?
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your Blue Gourmi looks sick.. I had a gourmi that was ''fat'' which at the time i bought it because i htought it was pregnat lol but yea they shoudl be flat yours looks like mine did tho when it was sick is yours round? or is it just a bad angel?

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Bad Angel. That was sort of the point of the comment above the picture. I cannot capture this fish in a decent picture. She is either facing straight on or running away from the picture. She is quite healthy though. :) I also cannot capture her true color. She is the most lovely shade of blue and when I take her picture she looks washed out and dingy. :( Poor gal, no wonder she hides from the camera.
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Very nice pics. Your pleco is gorgeous. And, my gawd, that platy is fat!

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Great pics . Fish are tough to get, you did a good job.
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Your sailfin is stunning!! ****drools***

And don't you just love the fatty platys? I've got some Red Wags too and they always crack me up.

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Originally Posted by Romad View Post
Your sailfin is stunning!! ****drools***
Agree, that's quite the looker, what a nice fish.
You took some GREAT pics, Inga. Bravo!

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Wow I really like your pleco! I'm very jealous :)

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Originally Posted by jeaninel View Post
Very nice pics. Your pleco is gorgeous. And, my gawd, that platy is fat!

Ha Ha Yeah, she sure is. I have been expecting her to have babies for quite some time. There is a male in there as well and she has a Guppy suitor as well. About 90% of the time she is swimming about with the Blue Guppy. At first I thought that she was just being pestered by him but I see that she swims toward him as well so... Guess they are "just friends?"

Thanks for the complements. I think the sailfin is pretty as well but I also think he looks half starved. They come from the store that way, of course. For now he is in the 25 gallon. There should be enough in there to keep him going for awhile. Then I will move him to the bigger tank.

I really need to be patient and work on getting better shark and Gourami pictures. I think the shark looks sick in the photos but I think mostly because I had to lighten the picture up so much. It is too dark where he hangs out most to get a decent shot so I just snapped it and then lightened it up. Don't know how I will get a better shot of either of them but if there is a will, there is a way, right? I thought about cliping on a brighter light above the water but... he won't come out of his log then. Darn elusive fish.
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Sorry.... I can't help myself..... I got real lucky one time with my Gourmi

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