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some information and time needed

Hi firsttime poster here,

I am looking for information and have registred on a few aquarium related forums, so it might be that you will see this exact post somewhere else, sorry för that :)

I have gotten myself into an odd situation that I wasn't really planning on. I wanted to buy a used fishtank (freshwater) to introduce my children to the wonderfull worl of fishies. I am not a newbie on the matter but it has been 10 years since I last had an aquarium and the same goes for my husband. Therefor we need some guidance.

We found an affordable, second hand tank, 60 l in size. (dunno in gallons...sorry :/) the problem is...there were fish in it and if we would not have taken the fish home, they would have been flushed. I do not know the names of the fish except for neon tetra. (12 fish in total). The water was extremely dirty and I was amazed the fish survived. The water is still after two days with a semi powerful pump, quite dirty and I was therefor wondering the following: It is not good to exchange the water all at once, because the pH shift is not good for the fish. However, is it ok to filter the water with a normal paper filter? type unbleached coffee filter? We need to litteraly get the crap out of the water.

And can I get some help identifying the fish I do not recognize? I will off course put up images. It feels wrong to use one "generic" type of fishfood we got, they might me specialist feeders or something.

Anyway my initial outrage aat the state of the tank has died out and now I am happy I got those fish out of a bad situation and into one that hopefully looks better.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Welcome to, Airgid.

60 liters should be equal to 15 gallons. What I would do in your situation is do a small water change first. Start with 10% perhaps. Increase volume replaced each day so the fish will gradually become accustomed to cleaner water. While doing water changes, you can vacuum the substrate out its crap. All you need as filter media for the filter is filter floss, some ceramic rings, gravel stuffed in bag and sponges. Of course, it is up to you. Avoid activated carbon as it is not necessary at this point but you will want one in your cabinet just for emergencies. What filtration system are you using? Do you have a heater?

For feeding, the most important part is to vary the food as much as possible. You can provide bloodworms, daphnia, mosquito larva, shrimps and different artificial foods so fish obtain different vitamins from various foods at this rate. Check sticky threads.:)

Looking forward to the images.:) Right now, you will want Aquarium Pharmaceuticals liquid test kit to monitor your ammonia, nitrites, nitrates and pH.

Good luck.:)

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Thx for the speedy help.

I am having a heater set on 26 degrees Centigrade, 78 Fahrenheit. Have a simple pump that oxigenates the water (pump has a sponge in it).

I have some frozen mosquito larvae which I will see if they feel like.

Thx again for the help and pics will be put up as soon as they feel like posing for my camera ;).

Looking forward to become part of the community.
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