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Soilmaster select and goldfish?

I have a 55 gallon freshwater aquarium with some angelfish and a one large fantail goldfish that i have had for over five years. I am wanting to convert my gravel to pro choice soilmaster select because of the reviews i have found on it. I am worried that my goldfish will want to eat the substrate because of it being smaller than what they are acquainted with (as we know goldfish like to pick thru the substrate to find more food, they are piggies!). I am planning on putting plants in also but have a divider that seperates the goldfish from the plants I know he wants to eat. So his side will just have this substrate and his familiar plastic plants.

Does anyone have any advice on this matter. Thank you!
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#1 You keep angles with gold fish? wow They have totally different needs and come from different surroundings.
#2 Why do you need pro choice soilmaster? Do you have or trying to start planted tank?

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#1 yes i have had them together for a long time. I keep the water at around 78 F. I also have them seperated by a divider since the diets are different also. ph out of my tap stays steady at about 7.4 despite my best efforts to lower it to below or at 7.0. I have a ehiem ecco canister filter (80gallon)that does wonders also. I have never had an issue with the goldfish being a so called messy fish nor any ammonia issue due to the high waste they produce. they have seemed happy for several years thus far.

#2 Yes the soilmaster is intended to start a planted tank on the angelfish side, although there are a few plants that goldfish will not mess with.
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so.. you are trying to have planted tank only on one half? that is weird :)

anyway, I dont think that he (gold) will munch on gravel .. they do take pebbles in to the mouth but i dont think that they actually swallow it. I dont think that it would be a problem.

As for plants.. i suggest you plant some hardy plants on his side.. something like Anubis or something that has hard leafs.

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Thanks If i can find a few more different plants that the goldfish will not want to eat i will not keep in the divider and have the whole tanke planted like i would actually like. Ive just always been told goldfish and plants dont mix period! But i will search around for any plant that has hard leaves as you describe and go from there.
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78 degrees is too warm for the goldfish long term unfortunately. Fancies should stick to a temperature bracket by 72-76 degrees Fahrenheit. Fluctuating temperature will simply cut their lifespan short. I would not worry about the soil. It won't attempt to swallow the soil.

There are many plants that will work just fine. Try anubias, Java ferns, Echinodorus sp., Cryptocoryne sp. and plenty more.

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