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smelly fish tank

hello my tank is smelling up my room. i checked ammonia nitrate and nitrite and they were all normal. i looked for anything dead in it and nothing is dead. i changed the water and it worked for a day and then went back to the same way. i have cleaned out the filter pads and it stayed the same. i have not added anything to the tank either. i dont know what else to do. my ph is at 6.8 to 7.0 if that has anything to do with it
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What fish food are you using? I have noticed a smell sometimes when I feed NLS and Hikari. Be sure not to overfeed. Did you vacuum the gravel during the water change?

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i use aqueon fish flakes and omega one veggie flakes, not sure thats the name or what. i did vacum the gravel
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Look for hydrogen sulfide if it smells like rotten eggs.
do a deep gravel cleaning and see if there may be issues under the gravel (black spots)

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Another thing to check if it is a fishy smell, look around the rim of the aquarium for any fish food that may be there. I had some get on the center brace of one of my aquariums. Two days latter it had the worst odor.

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When my aquarium began to smell, adding carbon into my filters fillable filter cartrage seemed to help alot. (just ask my mom)

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