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i think its hilarious that there is two separate conversations here, one about discouraging piranhas in the aquarium and one about disposing of bodies. However, neither really answer his question... save for 1077's 125. The size of your tank will be fully dependent on the size of your fish. Assuming you allow them to all grow to adulthood and maintain a population of 6m you would have 72 inches of fish. However, the fish need extra space to mimic their environment so one should assume it would need double the inch per gallon leaving you at 144. Go with a 150 with a filter that's designed fora 300 gallon tank. The Red Belly Piranha

I will have to chime in on the discouragement of these fish in home aquariums. As the article also notes, this is NOT a fish to be kept just because its entertaining when they feed. One thing you really need to consider is your experience with taking care of fish. This is a fish for advanced aquarium hobbyists. If you aren't willing to dedicate the time and money to this project, you should consider learning to care for easier, more passive fish. Also as many sources noted, piranhas are not as aggressive in the aquarium environment. Lastly, note that the fish do like meat, you will be putting your hands in that tank to clean it, do you want to take that risk?

As per disposing of bodies, one could easily chop up the victims and feed bits to the piranha each day and freeze the rest... Yes morbid, but not wholly ineffective. However, i have heard that fish such as piranhas do not enjoy human flesh as much since we have an excess of iron in our blood.

All in all, if you do decide to get these fish and dedicate your time and finances to it, good luck. They are beautiful fish and im sure successful care will yield wonderful rewards.
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I think its hilarious that everything you just stated was already stated by other members
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Originally Posted by willow View Post
i have wondered about this,however do they eat the bones,
as i wouldn't want to get them out after.
No, they don't eat the bones. You leave the bones in your tank as decoration. At least, this is what I did when I kept piranhas. My tank was the talk of the town.

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O.o you could get snails... those would eat away at the bones rite? calcium for shells?
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Quite an interesting thread going on here. lol
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Mattee- All kidding aside, I agree with the others on not keeping piranhas for all the same reasons they state. There are many cichlids that are just as aggressive and much "prettier" than piranhas who just basically do nothing but the hovercraft position waiting for food. I've seen some pretty aggressive cichids who are just as "fun" to watch eat. With cichlids you get the added enjoyment of watching them engage in their many behaviors. Piranhas do nothing but hang in the balance waiting for food.
If I were you (and I'm not!) do some research on cichlids. If, after that research, your heart is still set on piranhas then there is nothing we can do to stop you. As a young (very young) woman I also wanted a piranha tank but went with cichlids instead and I'm glad I did. Good luck with your choice(s)

If you don't stand up for something you'll fall for anything...
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Really...piranhas are boring. No offense to their kind, but characins are just kind of...dim. I can't blame you for wanting cool, aggressive fish because, well, it is interesting. However, as others have stated, cichlids really do make better pets. For one thing, they're easier to maintain. Sure they are nearly as messy as piranhas, but they're like little garbage disposals that will eat just about anything. Big Central American cichlids will eat pellets, algae wafers, all manner of frozen foods, live snails, live worms, live shrimp, live crickets (and any other bugs you can catch) and even live fish, although I second the motion for breeding your own feeder fish rather than using store-bought goldfish or minnows. Cichlids are a lot prettier than piranhas. They're also a heck of a lot smarter and more interactive. Seriously, piranhas, even really well cared-for ones, just sit there staring blankly. Cichlids constantly swim around investigating stuff and beg for food like crazy. Like aquatic dogs, really.

Don't believe me on the pretty?

Here's a red bellied piranha:

And here's a Jack Dempsey cichlid:

And here's a Green Terror cichlid:

And here's a Tiger Oscar cichlid:

And here's a Jaguar cichlid:

Ok, that's enough cichlid promoting for now.

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