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Should I put the siphons mouth inside the gravel
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Do you mean a siphon hose used to change the water in your tank? If so then the answer is yes. You probably know this part.....You can manually start the siphoning of water by collecting water in the larger intake tube by raising it up above your tank and quickly (lol) refilling it from the tank, it's tricky! and you have to be fast, may take a couple of tries. (Make sure the other end of the hose is in a bucket or you will siphon water onto your floor.) or if you have the kind that attached to your faucet, it will start the siphon when the water is turned on. I have used both before and now use the one connected to the faucet.
Then once you have the siphon process going, yes take the large intake end and press down into the gravel , it is easier to get down into the hard gravel if you give it a little twist like drilling down and then pull up, you will dislodge the gravel allowing it to drop back down and the siphoning water pulls away all the detris/old food/poop. You go around the tank , (watching the water levels in both tank and bucket) so as not to remove too much waterj or overflow the bucket on the floor,... you do the gravel cleaning as part of your water change as doing both processes seperately would remove potentially too much water. You will get faster and faster and more proficient at it every time you do it. So you clean gravel every time you do a water change!! That is your opportunity to remove all that stuff.
Did this answer your question or was I way off what it was you wanted to know? I'll check back... let me know.
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