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Silver Dollar's

How worried should I be about my Silver Dollar's eating my plants? I have had them for about a week, and got them on the suggestion of the LFS, but have not noticed them eating any of my plants yet. They basically just hide behind the plants and driftwood. I have had my planted tank for about 2 years and don't want to ruin any of my hard work.
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Well.. not sure about the plants atm... how many do you have? What size tank are they in? Any other tankmates?

ahh here we go from the profile:

Origin: Found over a wide area within parts of Brazil, Bolivia, Guyana, Peru and Venezuela: rivers of the north Guyana Shield, Rio Paraguay basin, and the western basin of the Amazon. It inhabits densely planted tributaries with slow water movement. Compatibility/Temperament: This is a peaceful schooling fish growing to almost 6 inches in size. They have a tendency to consume several plants, mostly those with soft foliage as they are largely vegetarians by nature. They are shoaling fish and must be in a group, minimum six,and they should not be kept with fish that are smaller, as these will probably be eaten.

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