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sick fish and white wormy things!

I was hoping you could help us please. My 10 yr old daughter was recently given her first tank (130lt), it came with 2 parrot fish. The man who sold it to us said he had the set up and the fish for about 18 months and he delivered it to us , he even delivered most of the water which was in the tank.
It has an internal filter and an external filter, which i often think might be a little OTT. I also think the tank is too small for the fish so we are planning on getting a much big tank in the new year.

It has been running now for about 6 weeks with no visible problems but a few days ago my daughter came running down stairs telling me that the water was looking yellow. When i went to look at it it was evident that the fish were not happy. They were very lethargic and pale. We tested the water and found huge amount of ammonia and nitrate. So we did a few partial water changes and hoovered the gravel. the levels reduced dramticaly and are still being monitored.

But the fish have never really picked up and this morning one was dead. We also noticed that there are hundreds of tiny white worm/fluke/leech like thinks on the glass.I have tried to look up what they could be and have read the posts on here regarding planaria. The ones we have are only about 2mm long and 0.5 mm wide but there are loads of them.

My daughter is very upset at the death of 'Molly' and really does not want to loose the other fish, 'smiley'.
We are really not sure how to proceed as Smiley is still not looking very good and we want to get rid of the horrid worm things.
Any help would be appreciated
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Hi Biobits and welcome to the forum. Planaria are harmless and are usually a sign of overfeeding. Cut back on the food and keep up with the water changes until your ammonia is at zero.

Can you share what type of filters you have? Did you replace the filter medium yet?

Animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.
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Filter types

There is a fluval305 filter and an internal juwel filter (not sure of the model but it is as tall as the tank) which seems to be glued in place in the back corner of the tank. i have rinsed the filter medium in tank water but i have not replaced any yet. The 305 has a variety of what looks like sponge and clay pieces and small balls in layers.
I have just done another water change and rinsed the filter sponges from the external filter in tank water. I have never tried to restart an external filter before! It was an experience! i will do another water test when i have posted this.
The remaining parrot fish is looking a lot perkier today and there is also a albino pleco in the tank. These are the only 2 fish. There are no Real Plants only 3 horrid artificial ones.
Do you think i should put real plants in and if so which type.
Should i keep both filters going, they do seem to make the water very dynamic but the fish does not seem bothered.
Sorry so many questions.
I am planning on buying a 400lt corner tank in a week or so, so i will undoubtable have loads more questions - lol
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Yay on rinsing the filter media in tank water!! Looks like you did some research beforehand.

Live plants are always a preferable way to go in keeping your tank cycle and fish health. Some fish are destructive to live plants (sorry I don't have experience with parrots) so you'd have to figure out which plants are hardy and not likely to be uprooted by your fish before you plant.

And the pleco should have a cave or rock formation to feel secure. They love to hide and will come out mostly at night to forage. You should have some sinking wafers for him too.

Good luck and we're here to help so ask whatever you need to.

Animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.
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