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I understand completely what you're going through. I had a 20 gallon for 3 years. Right now I'm cycling my first 75 gallon fully planted tank. I started out thinking about getting a 45 gallon, then decided on a 65 gallon (which I hid in the trunk of my SUV for a few day, I thought hubby would flip). Then I went to the petstore with my husband and we saw a 75 gallon tank. He asked me if that was the tank I was getting and I said "yup, is that a problem?". He laughed and said it was a nice tank...the rest is history. I exchanged the 65 gallon for a 75 gallon the next day. I would have gone for the 90 gallon but there was a big price difference and I was on a "budget". So yes, just do it! Good luck and if you're going to go for a 55 gallon you may as well consider a 75 gallon as the others have mentioned . The only difference is the width front to back.
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Thanx guys you got me hyped up again, this is exactly what i needed and now yo got me thinking of a 75 or 90 gallon tank :)
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oh man!! the LFS doesnt have a 90 gallon aquarium kit or a 75 gallon aquarium kit, alright whatever ill just stick with my 55 GALLON TANK!!!!! :) :) :) :)

I CANT WAIT , im getting it in 15 Days!!!!
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Exciting stuff huh? You'll have to get us some pics when you get it all up and running. As for me...September can't come fast enough so I can get my new tank *sigh*
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its ok, atleast its coming soon and not like in a year.... but i know how you feel ive been waiting so long
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I bought my 180 earlier this year. I already wish I'd bought a 280.
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i would check out craigslist..... you can find some pretty amazing deals you'll be able to find a 75G or 90G tank with a stand for the same price you'll find a 55 kit at your LFS......go for the 75G you'll gain an extra 6" of depth which makes landscaping your tank alot easier and looks better

Look at all your options around you, especially craigslist before you spend $200 on a kit at your LFS which you'll want to replace or add another filter too anyways....

Good Luck
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My LFS didn't have a 75g in stock but when I called to see if I could exchange the 65g for a 75g the owner said no problem and ordered it for me. I had it in 2 days with the cardboard and bubble wrap still on. Gotta love that new tank smell. BTW, the 75g wasn't that much more $$ than a 55g and the 75g was cheaper than the 65g (by $20.00).
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Thanx, now im really considering a 75 or 90 :)
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after looking at what's around on am I lol.
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