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Shipping rant

I just need to moan a minute, I have shipped out 100's of shrimp with not a single DOA ever. So I sent out a package mon to arrive on wed the buyer was at home on wed but I guess the postman was to lazy to go to there house (they were not signature conformation) so the postman leaves a notice in their mailbox to pick up the package at the post office the next day. It was clearly marked live fish, next day buyer picks up and all 30 shrimp are dead. I'm a little mad why did they just not leave the box, I'm gonna end up loosing $40 and I'm sure the buyers not gonna be happy paying for shipping again. Any one else had this happen? I would like to contact the post office not sure it will do me any good.
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This happened to me this past weekend actually..luckily for me it was just substrate but it was really annoying.

I bought 2 bags of substrate online, a small 4 lb bag and a larger bag. They both shipped the same time and I follwed them through tracking. They were both out for delivery last Saturday..however, only the smaller 4 lbs package showed up on my door. I kept checking online for updates and my larger package was marked as notice left. There was never a notice left... I went online and changed my delivery to pickup and then I had to call the post office customer service to find out which post office even had it since that info is usually on the notice...that he didnt leave.

It just really annoys me.. my post man is awful..
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Call the station post master, they handle all issues with the post men, its best if the person in the residency area calls to complain. Sadly this is all that we can do as its up to the postmaster to run a tight ship.
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You run a shrimp business? You are going to take a hit on this, a credit for the dead shrimp. As for charging the customer shipping for a replacement of the dead shrimp: I'm not sure that would be good business policy, but that is me. You may go a way towards re-building a customer relation if you extended that gesture (I'll ship free replacement, have to pay for the shrimp, or just ship the replacement out free).
If it were me, I would use UPS overnight: at least they have insurance and you can make a claim on them if they screw up. Next would be Fed-Ex, but I would NOT use the 'home delivery' side of their delivery: I've had some bad experience with that, but at least it did not involve live fish.
But of course, I may be completely off base here.

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two cents
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No I'm just a hobbyist who sells off my young I try to improve them they just multiply very quickly. I don't make money but it gives me money to buy more tanks, different fish, supplies etc. Me and the customer are gonna take a hit on this one I have to give away 30 more shrimp and she has to pay shipping again. At first I was mad because online it says the post office tried to deliver the package but the buyer was at home so they did not try. The problem is the shrimp are not worth enough to justify over night and honestly out of 100's these are the first ever to die, because of a lazy mailman I think.
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I am not saying the PO was not at fault. I think it is a good way of handling excess shrimpies that multiply.
But, I do go back to recommending UPS. I would also recommend shipping via commercial as there are more guarantees that way, if customer could have it shipped to where they work (if possible) that is the way to go. One has to take distance into consideration of course. Perhaps just ship to folk within a 1 day radius.
What kind of shrimp do you have? Fresh or salt water? The one critter I had who would enjoy munching on shrimp is sadly gone.
Best of luck to you.

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two cents
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I have freshwater shrimp. I may look into UPS, I have had great luck with USPS in till now.
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Lazy mailman just struck me.

Ordered some parts I needed on Saturday, didn't show up at the door like usual. They delivered them to the leasing office. Didn't find out until today (Monday). Leasing office is too lazy to call and inform me they received my package. Mailman is too lazy to deliver it appropriately.
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I have always had very good service shipping with USPS, especially their Priority service, but lately I have had trouble with their tracking not being updated. I had several packages in which the buyer received the package and left positive feedback but USPS tracking said the package was not delivered yet. My gripe with that was it held up my getting my money from PAYPAL.
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