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The shape of your tank :?:

Something I've learned the hard way!
the shape of the tank you get may have a very large impact on what you can do with it.
I have a 55 gal bow front corner tank, its great for hiding filters and air lines in rear of tank but then you decide to put plants in it and then you got big obstacles to try to get around, lighting is not made for this shape of tank (that I can find) so I find myself trying to figure out how to get more light into tank.

Question does anyone know of a fixture that is made with adjustable legs that can be placed into a angled configuration,or a high output lighting choice that is small and compact enough to fit limited surface area.

Or do i have to build a custom hood to fit my tank?

I've checked into lots of different types of lighting options but every time the deaminations are not going to work!

Pie shape not good for light!

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Work in progress what do you think so far:
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Maybe that's why I have only conventional tanks. Had never thought about that before. Hmmm.....
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I'm getting a 54 gallon corner as well soon. They do make canopies for it and there should be a place for a standard light strip. My LFS has a few strangely shaped show tanks and they have lights that hang from the ceiling over the tanks.
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okie if you find a canopy for your tank let me know so far i've been un able to find one, part # and maker would be great! :D

"Of all the things I lost in life I miss my mind the most"

Work in progress what do you think so far:
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more often than not with corner tanks I recommend hanging lights or mounting them inside a cap, the standard light size for a 54bowfront is 30" but without a canopy that strip will end up in the water : )
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There are a lot of mulitple bulb T5 fixtures out there as well as short compact flourescent fixtures that could be used over an odd shape tank. My suggestion is if you can not find a "hood" to fit it then get some Egg Crate, cut it to fit and so that you can lift the front and then use a piece of glass or plexi on the egg crate so you can set the small fixtures on top of it.

Either that or get DIY lighting from to build the lighting to the intensity you want and still use the egg crate as a cover so fish have less of a chance of jumping out if needed. I have contacted them a couple times and with their reflectors you can mount them to a board without having to build a real fixture.
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I had the same problem with my bowfront corner tank. I ended up building a canopy for the tank with a 36" light fixture.

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Here's two canopy options I found online:

Standard glass top-

A thread on DIY 54 gallon corner- threadid=1348826&perpage=25&pagenumber=1
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