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here are some pics

2gal Side View

Front (close-up)


This is my pregnant guppy (Phoebe. The male is named Jay. Phoebe (PB) and Jay (Jay) PB&J haha

Before she was pregnant

And now

So yahh
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My guppy is pregnant, right?
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You got to have some form of filter for bacteria to grow in where the water will flow thru it, go to store and just get a little in tank filter powerd bye your air pump, put some cotton balls in it and your ok. now that I look in a catalog don't even see these little filters, just big fancy stuff. go to a local pet shop if you don't know what i'm talking about. them little filte'sr cant cost you more then a couple dollars.
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I don't understand what your saying.. The filter is only good for up to 10 gallons. And I don't think you can over-filter a tank.
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Probably pregnant. Then again if she's been in a tank with a male in the last month I'd say she is without even having to look at her.

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Thanks, just checking..
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The filter media bag over the filter intake should prevent any fry from getting sucked up. Are you running that filter on your main tank to seed it? Otherwise, there aren't going to be any bacteria in it so it won't be cycled when you move the female to the breeding tank. If it's too late to do that (seeding can take up to a month), then can you move some of the filter media from the main tank's filter to the new Top Fin filter on your breeding tank?

You'll want a light on the breeding tank, as fish need a day/night cycle. A light will also help that hornwort grow like a weed, which the baby guppies will definitely appreciate as they love to hide in the stuff. For that little 2g tank you could just get something like one of those clip-on desk lamps for a couple of bucks at Wal-mart.

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I had the filter running in my big tank for a couple days. Put it in the little one for a bit, then got my water tested. Its perfect. My guppy had`babies yesterday and the 2 baby fry are in the tank and doing well

Thanks for all your help everyone!
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