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You aren't going to be able to rinse it completely clear, just make sure that you can see the sand through the water...
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Originally Posted by eaturbyfill View Post
Today, I bought some play sand.. but I'm having trouble getting it clean. I bought one of those larger toy buckets with a shovel (so I'd know nothing else had been in it) and I keep rinsing.. but the water still isn't clear! I washed my bucket of sand so many times. Someone suggested a water hose would be easier, but we don't have one.. Help?
I basically answered this in post #14 above. But if you do small amounts (say 3 measuring cups) and rinse it 6 times, it will be clean enough. Then when it is all i the tank, add about 5-6 inches of water and then siphon that all out; this removes a lot of the upper dirt.

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How often do I need to stir up the thin layer of sand to avoid any gas buildup?

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I never stir the sand - I have trumpet snails to do it. I've spent a LOT of time on forums and have never come across a case of poisonous gas bubbles.

A thin layer of sand would not be able to hold bubbles, since it would not be deep enough to compact. That's one of the things I love about pool filter sand - it doesn't compact because of the uniform grain sizes. All the traits that make it great for its intended purpose make it great as a substrate.

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Originally Posted by 92smokeaccord View Post
they are the same but i believe pool filter sand is finer than play sand.
This is incorrect. Its the other way around. As stated, play sand will compact more. It can also trap air if not careful. Pool Filter sand is a bit more coarse and more consistent in size. Depending on where you go and live, pool filter sand will vary in appearance. The lighter the color, the easier debris shows.

Originally Posted by eaturbyfill View Post
How often do I need to stir up the thin layer of sand to avoid any gas buildup?
You can use either mts or you can poke the substrate every now and then. Perhaps when you do water changes is when most people do it. Basically you aerate the substrate just as you would aerate your lawn. It helps planting a few heavy root feeders that will bring more oxygen to the substrate to eliminate gas build ups.
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Originally Posted by eaturbyfill View Post
How often do I need to stir up the thin layer of sand to avoid any gas buildup?
Gas buildup from what?
Contrary to some popular 'lore', you don't need to stir sand as mulm/detritus stays on top where is slowly decomposes. Oxygen is plentiful in the upper one inch of sand.
Even with deep sand beds, disturbing the sand should be avoided as beneficial organisms develop in appropriate levels that stirring would disrupt. Not to mention that stirring may put mulm deep in the substrate which is undesirable.

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Thanks for the sand info just ordered mine going to pick it up tody after husband gets home!
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