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My girlfriend worked at a pet$mart, and I'm pretty sure if you wanted to buy a bird, you had to prove you could hold it, and have it walk from hand to hand( by putting one finger out so the bird could walk onto it, like climbing a ladder) before you could take it home. The employees would help you do this.

If they can do that then why can't the take 5 more mins to ask you about your current fish experience and go over some things, like cycling and stocking, before you can buy the fish.
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Come to think of it, people, I think it would make more sense to ban the keeping of any kinds of animals as pets. That way we can make sure nobody hurts animals.
Oh, and banning the consumption of meat, too.
And why not ban social interaction with any living organism while we're at it, too?

That way no one will ever harm anyone or anything else again.
I'm sure most of you will agree.

/end of sarcasm
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Soon there will be inspectors coming to check your water every week...with the down economy maybe we'll save some money on water testing kits! Fees for registering aquariums with a governmental agency, tracking devices on pet fish, screening and/or license required to purchase fish, etc.

On a more serious note...if this ever passes, it will eventually spread to every state. California is always setting the standards for laws and regulations.

Unfortunately, this is a hobby and most of us get better by making mistakes. Not going to be able to save them all, but it is our responsibility to do the research so it doesn't happen again.

What a mess!
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On a more serious note, I think that banning the sale of "fish bowls" or any related containers which are unsuitable for containing fish healthily would be a much more effective action.

If they ban the sale of goldfish, they've left out a number of Bettas who suffer too.
Ban the sale of Bettas, and you've still got a few fishkeepers who unwittingly allow their fish to suffer.
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large chains are in for the money not the quality care like us hobbyist do... Thats why they don't ask for our tank size etc. with birds I think they take their time because birds are more expsive whole sale than a 14 cent fish.

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