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From Saltwater to Freshwater

I have retired my salt water tanks and finally have time to start a freshwater tank. I have a 29gallon biocube. I am lost...I haven't had a freshwater tank for about 10 yrs. I need help and suggestions.

I want my tank to have some rock work and plants. I would like a good amount of fish. I want them to not hide and I want them out in the open swimming all around. I would like a community tank. So can some of you help me decide???

I like the look of xray tetra, rummy nose tetra, and glo fish. My fiance thinks starting my tank back as a saltwater would be too expensive and wants to go freshwater instead.

What do you all suggest??

Thanks in advance
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The lighting requirements are quite different for marine and planted freshwater, so I would adjust that first, then decide if you want just low-light, easy to grow plants or a higher light set-up with CO2 and more extensive fertilizer schedule.

For the fish, start with water chemistry, the fish listed will do best in soft, acidic water (required for the Brilliant Rummy Nose Tetra). Determine your source water and make adjustments to stocking plans or plan on altering your water as needed. Next, consider other aspects of compatibility, for example; the Pristella Tetra (xrays) and rummy nose will work well together, the glo fish (Zebra Danio) less so due to thier higher activity levels. They could be added, but perhaps a better choice would be something like the Dwarf Pencilfish or the Coral Red Pencilfish (clicking the shaded names will take you to the profile, which has all the pertinent info).
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