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I used Salt in my FW tank. Never had any sort of issues with it or the fish.

And I know how many of you like AZ Aquatic Gardens so heres one from them.
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charlie1881 (12-11-2012)
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Originally Posted by Captain Jim Dandy View Post
I love your frankness,appreciate your help, love a Bunker show..but I miss the clown.
Apparently Emmitt was too scary for some. So now, in respect to my handle, I'm in a TV father phase for avatars.
I too enjoyed All in the Family and it's cutting edge portrayal of a very opinionated, middle aged, middle class, SALT of the earth man. (couldn't resist a blatant thread reference!)
I'll never forget the first time I caught Carol O'connor on a talk show - a very well spoken, educated man so much the opposite of Archie Bunker as to force a double take.

Father Knows Best but Abbey knows everything! I once knew everything, then I asked one question.
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Hello Abbeysdad;
I liked your first post more than your second but to put this issue to rest I guess I did fail to communicate clearly, sometimes the meaning of words just get lose through imposition. I thought I included myself in the members who oppose the use of salt ( don’t recall indicting I was not part of the members). I didn’t believe Jensen suggestions were to use salt in freshwater aquarium but to stabilize hard water and ph. When you read jensens article you will note he says not to use aquarium salt or table salt.

Just another victim or perpetrator of distorted and abused facts, don’t know which

Thanks for the input
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Originally Posted by pop View Post
sometimes the meaning of words just get lose through imposition.
That clears it up.

Father Knows Best but Abbey knows everything! I once knew everything, then I asked one question.
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As someone else already said, I believe, the context of salt use is important. The term salt may refer to NaCl, or it may refer to a mix of mineral "salts" , including sodium, potassium, etc. dissolved in water. I realize that's kind of a "duh" statement, but it matters to the fish. Depending on where a fish is native to, the amount of different minerals in the water where the fish evolved vary. Some fish naturally tolerate a significant amount of the mineral "salts" in their water. Others, particularly some South American fishes, don't tolerate salt well at all.

Euryhaline fish (fish that have a large tolerance to varying degrees of salt) may actually require salt in the tank (examples include the brackish water fish). Mollies come to mind. They do better long-term with some salt in the tank and you can actually acclimate them (slowly) from a freshwater tank to a marine tank.

Bottom line, do I add salt to any of my FW tanks? Nope, but I might try it as an ick treatment if other methods failed me. Salt's not necessarily good for FW plants and all my tanks are planted!
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18 species/varieties of fish, 15 species/varieties of plants - The fish are finally ahead of the plants!
*560 gallons (2120 liters) in 5 tanks -> you do the math.
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salty responce

Hello everyone,
I'd like to thank you all for your opinions and advice on the matter I hope it helps ppl as it does or has rather myself.

Pops article prompted me to post this thread in the first place as I have never added salt to my tanks I was told to by my lfs lady and did so with my last set-up it doesnt seem to help or hurt in anyway visible . ( to date ).
However the ph lvls in my tank have been next to impossible to get stable this time.

As a result of all the responces I will not in the future add salt . I dont use water conditioners or any other additives as I believe them to be unhealthy as well .

I have softwater fish in this tank mostly asian from the profiles I've read.
But I recently added guppies wich will be moved as soon as the new tank is done with its cycle ( thanks Byron ) as was directed by him .

Thank you again for the input everyone and also I didn't mean for it to become heated as it was intended to be helpful to beginers and others that have been misinformed such as myself .
Pops thread was a lil confuseing for me , and like I said I was told to do it then I read not to so ...

God bless & Thank you
Charlie & Family

Just because your fish are alive dont mean they are

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