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no, there are many more things to look at like sudden changes to the environment (ph, temperature) cyanide poisoning (cyanide wont be a problem with tank breed fish but can be a problem with wild caught) stress at teh fish store, an undetected disease etc
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Like Rue, I have trouble with otos. I can only keep 3 alive at any given point. I have come to accept this and no longer even try to keep more than 3. The ones I have are active and healthy, but those others... they just die. Neons are bad about this too, which is partly why I haven't kept any in 8 years and am currently "hooked" on black neons.
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count me in, i have 1 oto survive the break-in period of the first month. Hard to get in the aquarium but once there ok with it, they can prove to be quite hardy
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Originally Posted by Rue can't keep fish without having some dead ones... :(

I haven't been having luck with the oto cats...all my other fish are water is fine...but there's something up with the otos...either they don't like my water, or they were sick to begin with...I've had 8...I can only find two...4 are definately dead...2 are MIA...hope they're okay...

So yes, some dead fish are to be expected...

...when you do everything as right as you can...and have dead fish...then as sad as it is, it remains a learning experience...

...but when people deliberately set their fish up in poor conditions...and don't care if the fish lives or dies...that's quite another situation...I consider that animal abuse...
I don't agree with the dead fish are to be expected... I've cycled 3 tanks, all with fish, with not one fatality. They are all still going strong (knock driftwood). It's all about the size of the tank, the type and amount of fish used and diligence in testing/changing out water. And help from a good LFS and this forum doesn't hurt either. : )

Of course fish die, just like everything else in the world, but I don't feel that dead fish are a necessary outcome of cycling a tank.

But like musho said, there is always disease, pH, etc. which is probably the case if this tank was truly cycled, or didn't go into a mini-cycle after the addition of fish.


Pardon the pun, but I'm hooked!
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I think it is 100% Ok to lose some fish and make mistakes, that is how we learn! no? It says EVERYWHERE DO NOT OVERFEED!!! and yet you did well... i guess u just didnt know how much is overfeed is?? right ? well now you know how much is actually over.
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@#$%^! I lost another guppy!

I give up. I'm going to take the remaining guppies back to a store and sell this tank. What a colossal waste of money and time. All I got was heartache from this stupid hobby. I'm sick and damned tired of living things dying because of misinformation, misunderstanding and assumptions. @#$% this.
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