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This is a discussion on Sad Beginner..... within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by elizabeth5555 Hi I am not doing very well with my tropical fish. As a beginner, i purchased a 105 litre tank, ...

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Originally Posted by elizabeth5555 View Post
I am not doing very well with my tropical fish. As a beginner, i purchased a 105 litre tank, put 3 minnows and established the water etc., water tests have been fine. Then I added 3 mollies, and each week or 2 i have added a few more fish. The last batch i added were l catfish, 3 clown loach, l silver shark. Then within the week my minnows started to die, one each day, then one of my mollies, the 2 guppies, and each day i am losing my fish. Went to a specialist he told me to try putting in myxazin for 5 days, I am now on the 2nd day. My guess is "maybe i added too many fish"? actually, I have no idea as I am a beginner My fish that have died, have not been hurt, no spots? I am left with:- 2 catfish, l clown loach, l ty fighting fish, l guppie, 2 mollies, 1 silver shark, 2 black phantom tetra, 3 angel fish. Would welcome any ideas? Thanks.
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How long did you let your tank "establish" before adding all those fish to that tiny tank?
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Originally Posted by elizabeth5555 View Post
If it states community fish, what does that mean then?
The term "community" should mean that the fish species to which the word is applied is generally suitable for a tank of more than just this one species. But the problems begin when one realizes that several factors are involved. Not all fish should be kept in the same temperature; water currents [here the type of filtration matters] can affect fish; the decor of the tank [plants, rocks, wood] can be important; obviously the space is critical; fish behaviours vary.

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Originally Posted by elizabeth5555 View Post
The fish that have died are the ones that require hard water, we live in london where the water is hard. The tetra which require soft water are happy. All our fish are community fish, there is no sign of any agression. The fish that died today were swimming happily and then just stoppped swimming and died. One black molly and one clown. They are all playing happily, the tetra are playing their mock fights etc,. why are they dying? water change done, new filter fitted, meds added for bacteria contamination, stress coating added for improved water quality, and stress xyme for extra beneficial bacteria. also during the water changed we thoroughly c leaned any excessive particles from the filter and medium.
It is not easy to diagnose problems. An aquarium is a very artifical environment. This means that one minute factor here can cause a chain reaction throughout the system. The water confines the biology and chemistry to that medium, unlike any animals kept in a terrestrial habitat. This is why we need to ask so many questions.

We still do not know how this tank was cycled, and as we have noted there are too many fish in it, and some of them are not compatible. [I am not going to repeat all that is in the species' profiles; please read them.] Molly are highly sensitive to any rise in ammonia, and in new tanks this fish rarely survives. So ammonia or nitrite could be behind this, or at least have contributed by weakening the fish and making them more susceptible to something else.

There seem to be a lot of chemicals being added. Only a good water conditioner is necessary. What are the bacterial meds exactly?

By new filter fitted, do you mean you changed the old filter for a new one, or changed the media in the filter?
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