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Rubber lip pleco and Gold Molly


So far I am going nuts on the forum asking all kinds of questions lol. I recently bought a rubber lip pleco, I was looking at him tonight and he looks a little weird. I noticed that the top of his head is two different colors. One side is black and the other is a pale white, like the rest of his body. I just thought it was odd. Not to mention that one of my first gen mollies has been acting weird, before I got the pleco, I noticed that he will sit at the top of the tank rock his body side to side fairly fast. About three weeks ago he started losing his slime coat and developed white spots all over his body. I thought it could have been ick at first but none of my other fish caught it, I quarantined him for about a week at the beginning of December. Everything went away and all my other fish are fine. But she is still rocking side to side like she was before. again none of the other fish have this symptom but i also noticed that my one of my other mollies, is extremely protective over her. Mind you I have no males in my tank, all of my mollies are females, because I cannot breed them I don't have the supplies to breed them. But other than the rocking from side to side she swims just fine, eats with the rest of the fish and is perfectly happy it's just something she does. If any one has any ideas on these two things it would be gratefully helpful. (I am working on adding pictures now.)
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where's the pics?
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I have them in an album on my profile

The molly keeper :)
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Is that you in or your daughter in your profile pic? So Shweeeetttttt!!!!!!

Anyways, can't tell nothing looking at those pics in my laptop. Best advise I can you is to continue assessing the fish each day and keep us updated. I'm sure this forum community will deffo be of help to you since there are some boss people on this forum for advise.

Hope nothing happens to your Molly.
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Well like I said this has been going on for quite a while now, so It might just be something wrong with that particular molly. Yes that is my daughter and thank you. I have more pictures I am going to upload of all the fish and the whole tank in general.

The molly keeper :)
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